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Tasting London Hopfen Dry Gin

Hopfen Gin from Baden-Württemberg

The weekends just fly by, way too fast! One can only hope that the week is over quickly to start as fast as possible into the relaxed part of the day. For many this means enjoying a well-deserved after-work beer, for me it usually means drinking a gin tonic or testing a new gin. Today I will test the London hop Dry Gin, a gin which is besides Wacholder the hop variety Mandarina Bavaria the most important ingredient.

The distillate is produced in Baden-Württemberg by Hopfenstube Biegger. Since 1776 the farm has been owned by the Biegger family, since the 1970s it has been converted into a pure fruit farm without livestock trade. The farm also includes a farm shop, which has since developed into a restaurant. Everything stands under the motto “Regional is optimal”. Good quality and regional work is a must here.

The family also operates a small online shop, in which the hop gin can be purchased alongside other products, the price is 34.50 euros, the bottle holds half a litre of gin. The alcohol content is rather “Gin-typically” with 42%.

How does the hop smell Gin?

The gin is in a square, very simple pharmacist bottle. On the front there is a black label, which is glued on three sides. At the front there is the name of the gin, at the sides there are the dates of the gin and at the other side hops.
But now I pull the cork and smell the distillate. In the nose the distillate is slightly spicy, the juniper is recognizable. Besides one recognizes very beautifully the fruity, hopfige aroma of the hops. Altogether the Gin in of the nose appears rather uncomplicated but very harmonious.

How does the gin from Baden-Württemberg taste?

I also test this London Dry Gin without ice and tonic water. The first sip of gin is very fruity, hoppy and aromatic. The gin unfolds quickly all its aromas, but the juniper is rather secondary. After the fruitiness on the palate, the gin is spicier in the finish and becomes somewhat more bitter, which rounds off the distillate very nicely. The Gin is, as already in the nose, little complex but nevertheless high-quality and very harmonious. The Hopfen Gin of the family Biegger shows once again, that it does not need many Botanicals, to produce a good Gin.

Tasting summary London Hops Dry Gin

The Hopfen Dry Gin, a German gin, is very simple but of high quality. Especially in the taste a rather fruity, but in the finish a very spicy note comes to the fore. This rounds off the gin perfectly. A good basis for gin tonics, cocktails or pure – a rather simple, but varied gin.

  • Gin from a family business in Baden-Württemberg
  • 42% Alcohol content
  • Hop variety used: Mandarina Bavaria
  • London Dry Gin

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