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Tasting La Republica Ginebra Andina Artesanal

La Republica Ginebra Andina Artesanal

Today we would like to introduce a very special gin. We found this gin in La Paz at 3800 meters and couldn’t resist taking it home with us. The La Republica Ginebra Andina Artesanal Gin is a Bolivian original . A gin from the Andes. The gin I’m testing for you today is the bottle 2771 from batch 0009. The gin is also available as Amazon variant – here mainly botanicals from the Amazon region in Bolivia are used. If you are still interested in the gin and the producer you can visit the homepage.

The La Republica Gin I am testing has a total of 16 different botanicals processed. Among them you can find wacholder, coriander, cardamom, lemon, aniseed, orange, cinnamon, ginger but also rare fruits from the Andes like Locoto, Tumbo, Chirimoya and some others. On the bottle you will also find the information that it is a gin from La Paz so a regional product that can really call itself gin from South America. The gin is distilled by Joan Carbo but the gin is marketed by the company MASTER BLENDS S.R.L.. The bottle I have here in front of me nearly 700 ml and is about 15 euros per bottle.

How does the gin from Bolivia smell?

I am really curious what a gin from Bolivia can do. This country is not a stronghold for high-quality juniper distillates, but I found the gin very interesting while reading the botanical list. Closed is the bottle La Republica Gin with a plastic – cork closure which causes a loud “plop” when pulling out. For the tasting I pour a nice sip into my tumbler and let the South American Gin breathe for a few seconds.

Now I inhale the Bolivian distillate deeply. The Dry Gin with its 42% comes across very mild in the nose – no disturbing aromas that distract from the actual character of the gin. A mild spiciness can already be seen in the nose, but this is clearly due to the ginger. Beside the ginger one notices the beautiful juniper aroma which looks very round in the nose – also the coriander is easy to feel (don’t worry not to like it as a person who hates coriander). The cinnamon gives the La Republica Ginebra Andina Artesanal a light woody and down-to-earth note. In the nose extremely interesting and promising.

How does the La Republica Ginebra Andina Artesanal taste?

Let us now come to the important part of tasting – the actual tasting and not the nosing. Of course I tasted the gin only pure without ice and at room temperature. When the Bolivian gin touches my tongue I am surprised how mild this product is. No sharpness, no botanical that stands out somehow – the botanicals from the Andes region fit together perfectly and complement each other very well on the palate. Especially the green and fresh note dominates this gin. I particularly like the coriander in this gin. I’m not really a big fan of this spice, but here it forms the perfect transition between citrus and juniper.

Tasting summary La Republica Ginebra Andina Artesanal

I was positively surprised by La Republica Gin. On the one hand the coriander was used as a super botanical in this gin and on the other hand the price-performance ratio. A tasty gin that you can buy for the money. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the gin in a german online shop.

  • Dry Gin with 42% alcohol content
  • Gin from Bolivia
  • Botanicals from the Andes Region
  • coriander as dominant botanical

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