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Tasting Curzola 1298 Gin

A gin with botanicals from Dalmatia

It is warm, even hot! The temperatures give a holiday feeling – and hopefully I’ll get that into my glass with today’s Testgin. The Curzola 1298 Gin is a German Gin, the used Botanicals come from Dalmatia.

The story behind the Curzola 1298 Gin is almost a bit like an action Hollywood movie. 2 friends sailed north from Dubrovnik, but were surprised by a thunderstorm on the sea, why they stopped on the island Lumbarda – an island which should have been sailed around. When the storm was over the next morning, Tom and Emir explored the beautiful island and the old town of Korkula. Marco Polo already went for a walk in this city. Inspired by the scents of the island, grateful to have survived the storm undamaged and as a tribute to their favourite drink Gin, the two sailors created the Curzola 1298. This year reminds of the naval battle of the year in which the fleets of Venice and Genoa faced each other.
The gin is distilled on a wood fire with little pressure, so the gin should become particularly soft – I am tense and will test it immediately.

But before I start with the nosing I want to tell you a few more facts. For 500ml of the gin you pay about 40€. 12 different Botanicals are used for the production, as already mentioned they come from Dalmatia. These include juniper, rose petal, lavender blossom, orange, balm, mint, coriander seed and pepper. The gin is a Reserve Gin / London Dry Gin.

How does the Curzola Gin?


The gin is in a dark green bottle – and this colour was deliberately chosen to protect the contents from the sun’s rays as much as possible. On the back of the bottle there is a printed ship, which is torn into the depth by a sick person. The tentacles of the animal reach thereby around the whole bottle.

In the nose the Gin is very pleasant, discreet and works complex. First of all a fine juniper note, as well as fine spice and citrus aromas can be recognized. Also Lavender and orange can be recognized – but everything is very subtle, which makes the gin in the nose exciting. The aromas seem to melt into each other.

How does the gin from Dalmatia taste?

Now it comes to the taste test! I am curious and test as usual pure. The manufacturers themselves recommend drinking pure gin. At the beginning you recognize a pleasantly light, creamy sweetness as well as juniper and orange. The gin looks rather feminine at first. After a short time, the distillate begins to become spicier and slightly hot on the palate, quickly you recognize a pleasant peppery note. This can also be seen in the finish and then leaves a warm, spicy feeling in the mouth . The angelica roots also give the gin a slightly earthy aroma. At the beginning the gin seemed rather feminine and gentle, but after a few moments it unfolds its complex taste composition. When I think of the history of its origin, I see a calm sea in front of my eyes, which is suddenly effervescent. A gin that is really fun!

Tasting summary Curzola 1298 Gin

In the nose the gin is very fine and pleasantly mild. In the mouth, sweet aromas can be recognized at first, but they soon develop into an intense and complex explosion of taste – a gin that is too good to drink with a tonic or in a cocktail!

  • Gin from Dalmatia from 12 Botanicals
  • Laut manufacturer best pure to enjoy
  • Feminine and sweetish at first, but complex and varied in taste after a few moments

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