Gin spices

Gin Spices & Botanicals

Fresh spices or dried botanicals go perfectly well with a gin and tonic. Since a good gin always contains a variety of herbs, spices and of course high-quality botanicals, individual additions can emphasize the aroma.

When choosing the right additions, one should resort to high-quality products to really achieve a multi-taste. Organic botanicals or other herbs are ideal here.

If the gin already contains a botanical which you would like to add to the fresh gin tonic yourself, the addition is safe. Of course, taste and optics always play a big role here.

Gin Spices and Botanicals Enhance the Taste

There are a variety of ways to season spices, herbs and also veggies as an addition to one Gin Tonic to choose. I recommend here the purchase over the spice trade. Sets that are already put together usually have a very high price for a very small amount of gin and tonic spice.

Typical botanicals are juniper, coriander, mustard, mint, lemongrass, basil, but also vanilla.