Gin – the core topic of Ginnatic

Of course I deal with the topic gin on my blog. I'm trying to give my readers a nice overview of what gins and cocktails are there for which taste.

The typical gin is an exceptionally pure distillate on various herbs, botanicals, fruits and of course the most important ingredient juniper.

There are different distinctions. Starting with the classic Dry Gin or London Dry Gin up to the New Western Gin.

Gin is trendy

Gin is becoming more and more important, the classic Gin Tonics is now available in every bar, in every club and even in every hotel. Gin is trendy.

Dry Gin Gin

Review Whobertus Dry Gin

The patron saint from Berchtesgaden We start into a new week (to the carnival fans among you, Helau and Alaf, after all it was 11.11. and therefore carnival start!) and have chosen a premium gin from the beautiful Berchtesgaden for...
Dry Gin Gin

Review Black Forêt Gin

Black Forêt Gin Finally I have another Gin from the Black Forest for a tasting at Ginnatic! I like the Gins from this region very much – the stories and the quality are mostly very good. Therefore I am happy...
Gin Plymouth Gin

Review Plymouth Gin

The Plymouth Gin from Plymouth Today I would like to introduce you to a very famous gin that even has its own gin variety. You’ve probably heard of Plymouth Gin before, haven’t you? Plymouth is a port city in England...