Gin Cocktails – Recipes and Ideas

Gin Cocktails Recipes
Gin Cocktails are mostly fresh and very light cocktails. Many gin cocktails usually have a very light base like soda, sour or tonic water. These ingredients are found in many drinks. This makes a gin cocktail always suitable as a cooling drink in the summer.

Many of the gin cocktails are found in cocktail bars. In addition to the classic gin-free cocktails such as Tequila Sunrise, White Russian, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Sour and other classic cocktails, there is now a wide selection of gin and gin cocktails for every taste.

In a bar, most of the classic gin cocktails are like Gin Fizz , Martini, Moscow Mule, Gin Sour, Gin Rickey, Dry Martini, Tom Collins, Bramble, Singapore Sling , offered to Gin Basil Smash or Negroni. Depending on the taste you should choose the right gin cocktail recipe for you.
Is a gin and tonic a cocktail?
Often, gin cocktails are also herb-heavy and ice-cold like a fresh herbal lemonade. The most famous gin cocktail here is probably the classic gin and tonic in which gin is mixed with tonic water and ice cubes in a glass. However, a gin and tonic is not a classic cocktail. A Gin Tonic is a long drink

The perfect recipe for a gin cocktail probably does not exist. Here you should always listen to his own taste and do not stick to any recipes and creations.

Of course, if you're looking for non-alcoholic cocktails , the classic gin cocktails are not.
Which gin varieties for a gin cocktail?
There are now a variety of different gin varieties. Classic gin recipes include London Dry Gin, Sloe Gin and also Dry Gin. No matter which gin one mixes in the glass – the great flavors of the different gin varieties are very often clearly in the gin cocktail to light.
The Best Recipes for Your Gin Cocktail
Whether with lemon juice, orange, or even fresh mint and a few cl gin – many of the classics are processed with great ingredients. Combine with the right botanicals and fruits to complete a great cocktail recipe. Most gin cocktails are fresh and mostly refreshing.