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Review Wuestefeld Dry Gin

will the Wuestefeld Gin send me into the desert?

How was your Friday? Mine was relatively Gin heavy and the head hurts admittedly still really easily but nevertheless I would like to present today a beautiful Gin.

The Wuestefeld Dry Gin is produced by No. 9 Spirituosenmanufaktur in Leinefeld-Worbis. The manufactory has made handicraft and tradition its special quality features. In addition to gin, whiskey, rum, brandies, liqueurs and spirits are also produced here.

The Wuestefeld Dry Gin also has a little brother the Sloe Gin – which we will test in the near future also for you. First of all it’s the big brother Mr. Wuestefeld Dry Gin’s turn! I am curious what this very noble looking bottle contains.

A Bottle of Wuestefeld Gin is about 35 Euro for 700 ml of the noble distillate . But then you get a 45% Dry Gin from Germany. By the way, I have my bottle of Gin from batch number 26 – the bottle bears the number 183! I find it always very nice that the gin producers still in handwriting the number of the bottle and the batch note, so the bottle immediately feels a little more personal.

How does the desert Wuestefeld Dry Gin smell?

But before we finally want to open the gin and take the first sip or breath, I would like to briefly discuss the bottle design, as is so often the case. The gin arrived in a very minimalistic cardboard box. If you open this box you can pull out a large bottle of the gin and the minimalistic design continues with the bottle. Only the bottle number, the name of the gin and the information that 19 different botanicals are processed in this gin can be found on the bottle. Otherwise the design remains covered.

Now we finally come to the Dry Gin – I slowly open the cap. By the way, the cap is a plastic wood cap that keeps the contents clean in the bottle. “Plopp” does it when I pull the cork out of the bottle. I now hold my nose over the neck of the bottle and take a deep breath. Which of the 19 different botanicals will I notice in my nose? A Pleasantly mild is my first impression when nosing the Wuestefeld gins. The second breath now begins to analyze which botanicals come to the fore here. The overall impression in the nose is pleasantly fresh and floral, yet not too feminine. Especially citrus, juniper and a base of different botanicals are very positive in my nose. Very mild for its 45% alcohol content. The smell of gin almost makes my mouth water.

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How does the Wuestefeld Gin taste?

Let’s test the gin from Leinefeld-Worbis. Of course pure without ice and without Tonic Water. So I pour some of the gin into my glass and give it some more minutes to unfold its aroma in the air.

Then I take the first sip. The gin feels almost oily on the palate. so many aromas and nuances tickle my tongue that it’s almost hard to taste single botanicals. The overall impression is conclusive and harmonizes super.

In the palate you find citrus fruits, but also floral aromas – maybe even something like lavender (unconfirmed) and fresh aromas maybe mint? (unconfirmed) If you slowly let the gin flow down your throat, a beautiful juniper aroma remains, which disappears only after a few minutes. I like this gin exceptionally well!

Tasting summary Wuestefeld Gin

The desert field Dry Gin is a real grenade among the gins. Extremely complex, versatile but not too playful and perfectly combinable with different tonic waters or for pure drinking, the gin is a real all-rounder for a fair price.

  • Fine Dry Gin
  • Pur or also very good for Gin Tonic
  • 19 Botanicals
  • Produced in Germany

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