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A guest from Japan

Japan has long since ceased to be an insider tip when it comes to gin. Japanese gin can now be found in many gin stores but also in offline shops. The Roku Gin is probably one of the Japanese Gins which has meanwhile taken a firm position on the German Gin market. You can get the gin at REWE but also at well-assorted Edekas you can find the gin from Suntory.

The Roku Gin from Suntory contains a total of 14 botanicals. Of these, 6 are botanicals from Japan or at least the roots of the botanicals can be found in Japan. One finds the following 6 botanicals with Japanese roots in Roku Gin: Yuzu peel, green tea, cherry leaves, cherry blossoms, refined green tea and Japanese pepper to top it all off.

In addition to these 6 exotic sounding botanicals there are also classic botanicals such as juniper, coriander, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon or bitter orange. Alone from the list of botanicals I like the gin. Basic solid aromas combined with Japanese aromas. I am curious whether the Gin can convince me also in the taste and in the nose.

The bottle of Roku Gin contains 700 ml of the distillate and is priced at about 20 – 25 Euro depending on the offer. The Roku Gin has a alcohol content of 43%.

How does the Roku Gin smell?

Before I get into the bottle of Roku Gin, I would like to say a few words about the design of the bottle. I would describe the design of the bottle, how should it be different, from combination of Japanese influences with German influences. The character which is enthroned very centrally on the bottle looks great and underlines again that this is a Japanese. The bottle has a great shape and makes a solid impression. In the gin shelf, however, is not particularly noticeable.

Now I open the lid of the Roku Gin. By the way, this is a plastic screw cap. When I open the bottle, a lemon aroma flows out of the bottle and also a sharpness which I cannot yet assign to pepper or alcohol. I hold now my nose over the bottle and breathe deeply. Lemon, juniper, cardamom and also some cinnamon as well as pepper can be clearly felt. Besides the pepper, the other 5 Japanese botanicals stay in the background and unfortunately don’t show to advantage in the nose. Beside the 5 he combination in the nose very dominant to the Geltung comes, exists unfortunately also a sharpness which is to be assigned to the alcohol. I hope that this disappears in the palate.

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How does Japanese Gin taste like?

Now we come to the most important part of the tasting. The tasting of the Roku Japanese Craft Gin. Of course as always without tonic water and without ice. So I pour the gin into my glass and give it a few more minutes to unfold in the air.

Now I take the first sip of the Japanese. At the top you notice the aroma of the citrus fruits very clearly. The combination of the classic botanicals takes over the power in my palate – cardamom, juniper, citrus and cinnamon are clearly noticeable. The citrus fruits feel good on the palate – the other botanicals are rather to be seen as a whole and do not really jump out. The overall impression is simply simple London Dry Gin without dominance. Unfortunately not much of the Japanese Botanicals can be felt. I think it’s a pity that the Japanese character doesn’t show to advantage.

A characteristic I have to talk about is the sharpness of the Gins. Which one has already felt in the nose, has unfortunately not given way in the palate but has remained and has perhaps even strengthened a little. I wouldn’t have expected this from a Japanese gin.

Tasting summary Roku Gin

The Roku Gin is a gin that contains a great story and also great botanicals. Unfortunately the botanicals do not come to the fore as one would wish with a Japanese gin. The sharpness is unfortunately also very dominant with the Gin which is another point which does not knock me out of my socks.

The Roku Japanese Craft Gin is a gin that can work well with sweet Tonic Watern, but no gin for pure enjoyment.

  • Gin from Japan
  • Nice interplay of juniper and citrus
  • classical dry gin
  • 14 Botanicals

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