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Review MeerGin Winters Brandschätze

From seafaring to distillation

Recently I received a message in a bottle from Martin Winter, who grew up on the Holstein Baltic Sea coast and went straight to the navy after school. He was a sailor from the bottom of his heart and later commander of a frigate. During a shore leave he got to know the woman of his life and she sparked the passion for wine and noble spirits in the heart of the sailor. The sailor moved to her in Burkheim in the Kaiserstuhl and yet he presented noble spirits with as many emotions as there are on the high seas.

Well, the message in a bottle did not reach me directly, but it was attached with a cord to the gin, which I would like to introduce to you today, the MeerGin, a Premium Blue Gin from Winters Brandschätze. The distillate with the delicate, light blue colour arrived in a pretty, white cardboard box at my place, which alone was the reason why the gin caught my eye very positively. The bottle itself is rather simple, but still looks noble. The writing is kept in blue and gold, on a white-beige banderole at the lower part of the bottle are still some information about the Gin. On the back of the bottle a golden ship was embossed, a tribute to the sea.

Jacholder, lemon, laurel, seaweed, pepper and pear are 6 of the 12 botanicals used to produce the 45% gin. 500 ml of the distillate cost 35 Euro, they can be purchased in the own online shop of Winters Brandschätze. I must honestly say that my expectations of the Gin are high. The presentation and the story about the distillate testify to a lot of passion – so let’s get straight to the exciting part.

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How does the MeerGin?

I open the gin and sniff for the first time. The nose is dominated by juniper and a spicy, slightly sharp note. The nose really feels like the rough sea. The sharpness is very pleasant and owed to the pepper. One also recognizes salty and lemony features, these play around the spiciness of the gin discreetly. In the nose the gin makes a very characteristic and exciting impression for me.

How does the light blue distillate taste?

Now I can finally try the distillate, without ice and tonic, only pure at room temperature is tried. The first sip feels soft on the palate, the taste is juniper, as well as a slightly sweet, fruity note, here the pear comes to bear. After a few moments a very strong, spicy aroma unfolds. This remains also in the departure very beautifully preserved and by the spices gives the Gin a warm feeling . A slightly salty taste is also present, at the end the gin looks fresh and aromatic.

The MeerGin really reminds me a little of the sea, but rather of a rough sea. The different components play together in an exciting way. A very round gin at a fair price.

Tasting summary MeerGin of winter fire rates

The MeerGin combines pretty much all flavours that there are: Fruity sweet with a light citric acid, spicy with pleasant spicy and salty touches and also the juniper does not come too short. The botanicals are not recognizable at the same time, but only gradually perceptible. The algae round off the distillate with a fresh note. An exciting and very complex gink composition.

  • 12 botanicals used, including algae
  • Gin that tastes like sea
  • Distilled by a former seafarer
  • German Gin

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