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Le Tribute Gin tested for Ginnatic

Today on this beautiful first September Wednesday we have a very great Spanish Gin as a guest at Ginnatic. He is probably the most famous gin from Spain next to the Gin Mare and the Nordes Gin.

Le Tribute Gin is not only known as Gin but also as Tonic Water. The manufacturer thought that you should bring the perfect Tonic Water to the gin on the market to be able to drink the gin even better than with the commercial Tonic Watern. In this gin tasting we really want to concentrate on the gin and hide the tonic water. For us it is always important to be able to interpret the fine aromas and nuances of the gin correctly and that would probably not be fair with the tonic water in direct comparison to the other tastings.

The Le Tribute Gin processes 8 different botanicals. Here you can find limes, orange peel, lemon peel, juniper, kumquat, lemongrass, tangerine and grapefruit. A great list that suggests a very fresh and citrusy gin. A bottle of gin costs about 40 Euro, but you get a Dry Gin with 43% alcohol content.

Le Tribute Gin 0,7l & Tonic 0,8 im Set 43% Vol
  • Dieses Set beinhaltet: 1 x Le Tribute Dry Gin 0,7L (43% Vol.) 4 x Le Tribute Tonic Water 0,2L
  • 1 x Le Tribute Dry Gin 0,7L (43% Vol.)
  • 4 x Le Tribute Tonic Water je 0,2L
  • Der Preis dieses Produkts versteht sich inklusive EUR 0,08 Mehrwegpfand pro Flasche Tonic Water.

How does the gin smell?

Before I get to the scent of Spanish gin, I would like to say a few words about the design of the bottle. The gin makers from all over the world regularly come up with great new bottle designs and have really great and creative ideas, but Le Tribute Designer should be emphasized again. Everything is really right here. The bottle looks noble, high quality and also catches the eye due to the red gold lid in combination with the green-blue bottle design. It is harmonious! Greater praise for the bottle design.

The bottle is closed with a heavy screw cap which can only be removed from the bottle neck by turning it loudly and vigorously. But now I finally want to taste the gin in my nose. I take a deep breath and inhale the Le Tribute Dry Gin firmly. It smells extremely mild – no strong aromas that are already prominent in the nose. On the whole, the gin’s scent is more passive than loud and the juniper with the citrus fruits wasn’t beautiful. The nosing of the gin already indicates a very solid and little playful dry gin.

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How does Le Tribute Gin taste like?

As already mentioned in the upper part of the tasting I will also taste this gin, of course only pure. I pour the Le Tribute Gin, which by the way is not cooled, into my glass and leave it for a few minutes to develop its full aroma again in the air. During this time the Spaniard exudes an intense citrus scent throughout the room.

Finally I take the first sip of the gin, I’m honestly quite excited, because I’ve heard and read a lot about this gin and it’s been very highly praised. As the gin slowly runs into my mouth you don’t notice at the beginning that it’s alcohol so mild it comes in the palate, only after a few seconds you notice “Ey that’s alcohol!”. The first overall impression is mild! Now we want to describe the taste in more detail! The Le Tribute Gin looks fresh and fruity in the mouth – but was also predictable after all the Zitrus lastigen aromas which can be found in the Botanicals. The lime in combination with the lemongrass is perceived particularly clearly. These botanicals form the head of the gin. The juniper provides a great and aromatic base.

Now that I have tried the gin extensively, I can understand the hype and the positive news and tastings about Le Tribute Gin. It is also very well available in Germany now – you can buy Le Tribute online or in delicatessens.

Tasting summary Le Tribute Gin

Le Tribute Gin is no longer an insider tip! For me a real Spanish highlight that is definitely on the same level as the Gin Mare . The Le Tribute Gin convinces by a balanced and extremely mild aroma which can be combined very well with a good tonic water.

  • Gin from Spain

  • Mild flavor – with fruity citrus flavors

  • 8 Botanicals

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