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Review High Fir Welzheimer Wald Dry Gin

Gin from the Swabian Forest

After a short working week we start the weekend with a new Gin Tasting. I’ve been looking forward to the High Fir Gin for quite some time, because this contains fir needles and fir shoots. I usually find wooded gins very exciting.

The 43% German gin from the Welzheimer Forest or the Swabian Forest was created by Mark Schlaipfer, a master brewer. In addition to Gin, he also offers brewing and distilling seminars. Important is always the reference to nature and the use of local herbs and ingredients. Occasionally events also take place in the distillery.

The 500 ml bottle is available for 35.90 € to buy . By the way, this Dry Gin was only awarded the Golden World Spirits Award last year.

Here it goes to the homepage of the High Fir Gin.

How does the High Fir?


Visually, the gin is very striking due to its cubic, slightly elongated shape. It is small and therefore fits very well in the hand. On the front there is a forest green label, on which firs are also depicted. The writing on it is silver and shows to advantage. A beautiful, natural design, which is nevertheless conspicuous by the silver-coloured ornaments.

But now it is time to pull corks and sniff the aromas for the first time. In the nose this gin is initially bitterly spicy, with woody notes and despite everything a slight sweetness is present. One can easily recognize the characteristics of the juniper, but dominating is clearly the fir aroma , which is created by various fir botanicals. The smell reminds me especially of young, freshly planted fir forests . Thus the distillate has a refreshing and cooling effect.

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What does the fir Gin?

taste like?

In terms of taste we have translated the High Fir, the name is by the way high fir, a similar picture. The gin feels mild and fresh on the palate. One recognizes the juniper, as well as the slightly woody-resin aroma . In the aftertaste the fir comes more clearly to the fore, the gin also becomes very pleasantly spicy. I suspect that besides the fir needles and fir shoots some other woody botanicals were used, especially roots.

Tasting summary High Fir Dry Gin

The High Fir is rather less complex, but its taste is finely tuned and of high quality. The fir and the woody taste are clearly in the foreground , the gin is characterized by a resinous spice and a mild sweetness. A fresh, clear, rather masculine gin, which I can highly recommend to fans of forest flavours.

  • German Dry Gin
  • Main botanicals: fir needles and fir shoots
  • 43% Alcohol content
  • lightly masculine gin with a beautiful, woody aroma

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