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Review Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin

Gin from the homeland of Gin Tonics

At the end of the week we test a Gin from India, the homeland of Gin Tonics. Although the popular drink from the country is now very popular worldwide, for a long time there were hardly any special gins from India.

With the startup Nao Spirits this has changed, the Hapusa Himalaya Gin, a Dry Gin, was created. Produced in a One-Shot-Procedure different Indian Botanicals are used for the distillate. One-shot process means that all ingredients together with a neutral wheat brandy are put into a copper distillate. During the subsequent distillation process, the aromas of the botanicals unfold very gently.

Different botanicals from India, before all fruits and spices around the region of the Himalayas shape the picture of the gin.

The bottle of the Dry Gin is in a deep dark purple tone, which looks black, if one does not hold the bottle against the light. The labels are matt black with golden accents and white writing. The neck der 700 ml bottle is slightly wider than a normal bottle neck and closed with a dark brown wooden cork. The bottle works altogether very high-quality and nobly. The alcohol content is with 43%. One can buy the Gin im Online-Shop for only about 31,50 Euro.

How does the Indian Gin?


Now that the bottle is open, I can smell the bottle. You can see a clear juniper aroma, supported by several other notes. In the nose you can see the interplay of the different spices, the gin looks bitter and rather earthy. Also resinous and woody aromas can be recognized, the gin gets an overall pleasantly masculine note.

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What does Hapusa Gin?

taste like?

The nosing was already very complex and promising, which is why I am very excited about the following tasting. I recognize juniper aromas on the palate when I take the first sip, followed by a fruity, and fresh sweetness that probably comes from the mangoes. After a few moments the aroma becomes spicier again, as was already noticeable during the nosing, Schnell and spicier. Botanicals like turmeric, coriander and cardamom make the gin piquant, the ginger gives it a slight spiciness. In Hapusa Gin, very many botanicals play together, resulting in a complex interplay of different aromas. A very complex gin, which is almost too bad for a gin tonic.

Tasting summary Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin

The Hapusa Gin, Hapusa translated means juniper, brings a pleasant juniper aroma, which is supported by an exciting interplay of different botanicals. In the nose the gin was rather spicy, woody and masculine, in the taste fruity and very spicy notes are added. A high-quality gin that is also suitable for pure enjoyment.

  • Gin from the homeland of Gin Tonics
  • Many different Indian Botanicals
  • Complex interplay of different botanicals
  • 43% Alcohol content

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