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Review Ginologist Citrus Gin

The third scientific gin from South Africa

A long weekend lies behind us, a short week before us, and also next week will be a short week! 3 wonderful news, matching the third gin from a series I have introduced. Ginologist comes from South Africa, the Floral and the Spice Gin I have already introduced to you, so the Citrus Gin is still missing. Optically the bottle looks the same again, the bottle holds 700 ml, the alcohol content is 40%. Here, too, scientific experiments were carried out on the recipe, the most important ingredients being lemony, especially lime and grapefruit. The price of South African gin is 45 Euro.

How does the Ginologist Citrus Gin?

Let’s go straight to the Nosing. I pull the cork and let the aromas coming from the bottleneck flow into my nose. The first thing I notice is that this ginologist doesn’t give off any alcohol aroma. It is a pleasantly mild, citrus-like smell present. The juniper is also present, but stays pleasantly in the background. Lime and grapefruit are in the foreground, but the aroma is light and clean.

How does African gin?

taste like?
The aroma was fine and pleasant in the nose, and I also expect that in the taste, because, admittedly, the Ginologist Gins have not disappointed me so far. Without Tonic Water and ice cream I am testing this distillate now. On the tongue the gin feels light and fresh. A slightly sweet, lemony aroma dominates. In the finish you can see a slight bitterness as well as the juniper. Altogether the gin is clear, perfectly coordinated and feels pleasant.

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Tasting Review Ginologist Citrus Gin

The Citrus Gin is pleasantly mild, characterized by a slight sweetness and the citrus aroma comes perfectly to bear. This makes the gin feel light and refreshing on the palate. The balance is perfect and it is particularly pleasant to drink because the gin does not have a hint of alcohol.

  • Gin from South Africa
  • mild, lemony aroma
  • 40% Alcohol content
  • for mild summer evenings

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