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Another great Malfy Gin from Italy

Today, so shortly before Christmas, I am happy to present you once again a real Italian gin. To answer the question whether this Malfy Gin is a different gin than the Malfy Gin con Limone – “yes it is a different gin”. The Malfy con Limone has been in my favour for some time now and now I am all the more excited about the Malfy Gin Originals. What can this gin do? Can it follow in the footsteps of its citrus-heavy brother or is the Originale just a simple gin? I want to answer this question in my test report today to show you if it is the right gin for your New Year’s Eve party.

Beside the Malfy Gin con Limone there is also the Malfy Gin Con Arancia and the Malfy Gin Rosa.

The Malfy Gin Originale gets its very mild and finely tuned aroma from 8 different botanicals. As already with the Con Limone Gin the bottle is very striking and looks like a piece from Italy. The Malfy Gin has a beautiful blue color and shines in the sunlight. The bottle itself does not give away much information. With 40% alcohol content the Gin belongs to the milder Dry Gins and is well suited for a mild and pleasant Gin Tonic. Besides the carefully selected botanicals, mountain water is probably also a good reason for the mild gin.

Meanwhile Malfy Gin belongs to Pernod Ricard, as well as the Monkey 47 Black Forest Dry Gin, one can currently observe very nicely how big companies grab the stars in the gin heaven to make even bigger and more international brands here.

What’s really worth mentioning with these gins is the very reasonable price – the Malfy Gin Originals are already available for 23 Euros on Amazon without shipping costs if you are a Prime Customer. This price is definitely justified for a dry gin of this quality and probably already cheap.

Malfy Originale Gin (1 x 0.70 l)
  • Er duftet nach Wacholder, Zitrus und Anis
  • Im Geschmack zeigen sich vor allem Noten von Wacholder, Zitrus, Anis und Koriander
  • Fleischgerichten

How does the Malfy Gin Original smell?

A very important factor in my tastings is of course always the smell of the gin. I also take a closer look at the Malfy Gin, or rather under the nose. The bottle of Italian gin is closed with a beautiful wooden cap, which really fits in perfectly with the overall appearance. When I open the gin it makes a quiet plop and the aroma of the gin can finally leave the bottle. Now I hold my nose over the bottle neck and try to identify the individual aromas. The first thing you notice very clearly is the mild citrus aroma which combines well with aniseed – then the juniper in the nose becomes even more distinct and is underlined with aniseed. In itself really super fresh and fruity at the same time – I really like it!

Does the gin taste better than its better known brother?

Now I am very curious how the gin tastes. So I pour some of the gin into my tumbler with two nice thick and clear ice cubes. A citrus note rises from the glass into my nose.

When you finally have the first sip on your palate you can clearly taste the juniper which is very well balanced with the other botanicals. Unfortunately, I cannot taste the other botanicals exactly and it is also relatively difficult to guess, as anise and citrus displace the other nuances or possible flavourings. A super gin with a nice classic dry gin aroma with a fresh and fruity taste. Definitely a very affordable way to get the perfect summer gin and tonic!

Tasting summary Malfy Gin

Now at the end of my test report I would like to share my experience with the Malfy Gin Originale with you. I have also had a very positive experience with the other gin in the company. A very fresh and fruity aroma with a very distinct and dominant citrus flavour would best describe the Malfy Gin con Limone. With this gin here the company has created a very solid juniper gin that can score with clear juniper aromas and very mild citrus and aniseed notes. If you like fresh and well-balanced gins, you will definitely find what you are looking for with this great gin.

  • clear juniper aroma
  • Very good with citrus and aniseed notes
  • Italian gin
  • Fair price-performance ratio
  • Super suitable for a fresh and mild Gin-Tonic





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