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A guest from the Black Forest

This week we already had a gin from the Black Forest , but why not test a second gin from the Black Forest? Today we want to introduce the Gretchen Schwarzwald Dry Gin to you.

The Gretchen Dry Gin is produced in the Schladerer Hausbrennerei in Staufen. The distillery is now run by the 6th generation. The name Gretchen Dry Gin has historical backgrounds as it has already in 1947 a recipe for a Dry Gin which developed at that time by Alfred Schladerer’s wife Greta. So the name does not come from unused. Especially tradition and quality are the focus of the Alte Schwarzwälder Hausbrennerei GmbH.

A total of 18 different botanicals give the Gretchen Gin its aroma. An exact list of the used and processed Botanicals can unfortunately not be found. Of the 18 botanicals, the following are known: fresh berries, aromatic flowers, spicy herbs, quince brandy and spruce sprouts. The list of botanicals already shows the connection to the Black Forest region.

But what do you get for your money if you buy a bottle of Gretchen Dry Gin from the Black Forest? You get a Dry Gin with 700 ml in the bottle and 44% alcohol content. For a bottle of gin 28 Euro are due.

How does Gretchen Dry Gin smell?

Before I open the 700 ml bottle I would like to say a few words about the very sympathetic design of the bottle. The bottle is relatively high and in the middle you find an illustration of Gretchen. On the back label you can see some botanicals in very bright colours.

The Gretchen Gin is closed with a wooden plastic closure. But how does the Gretchen Gin smell? In the first moment the gin looks very green – a complex base which is characterized by the spicy and herbal botanicals like juniper but also coriander. In the background you can feel the spruce needles, which clearly carry a resinous and green note to the outside. In the nose the Gretchen Gin is very complex and makes directly desire on more. But I couldn’t smell the quinces.

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How does the Gretchen Gin taste like?

Let’s finally come to the tasting of Gretchen Dry Gins from the Black Forest. Pure without ice and without tonic water. I give Gretchen a few more minutes in the air to fully unfold her aroma. Now I take the first sip and start to analyse like crazy. The gin is extremely fresh and green on the palate – you will also find a mild, pleasant spiciness in Gretchen Gin, which harmonizes very well with the fresh and herbal aroma and appeals to even more taste receptors. After all the aromas from the various botanicals have run down my palate, a slightly sweet juniper aroma remains long in the palate.

Tasting summary Gretchen Dry Gin

The Gretchen Dry Gin from the Black Forest is a gin that has definitely been produced with great care, also the botanicals have been skilfully used to create a great interaction. What I also find very positive about Gretchen Dry Gin are the green and fresh aromas that stay on the palate for a long time.

  • Gin from the Black Forest
  • 44% Alcohol content
  • Fair price for good quality

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