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The Gin Mare is a premium gin from Spain (Barcelona). The special feature of Gin Mare is that it is made exclusively from Mediterranean ingredients and thus gets an unforgettable aroma.

Anyone who has ever stood on the coast in Spain – or simply driven through the orange fields near Valencia – knows the scent of Spain. Does the Gin Mare manage to bundle this aroma in a bottle and conquer gin drinkers from all over the world?

Gin Mare contains the Mediterranean notes of thyme, basil, rosemary and olives. What can the combination do in the test?

The bottle contains 700 ml of this great distillate – the bottle is reminiscent of the ocean and combines water and coast within the design of the bottle through the elements embedded in white and therefore looks very well balanced. The Gin is also great to give away, as there are also great glasses from the manufacturer and thus another great element as a gift brings along.

Alcohol content: 42.7%

Gin Mare (1 x 0.7 l)
  • Mediterranean Gin
  • Destilliert ausschließlich mit mediterranen Zutaten, wie Oliven, Thymian, Basilikum und Rosmarin
  • Auszeichnungen: Bestpack und One World Spirits Competition

Gin Mare Fever Tree

But what can the Gin Mare?

I have once tried to record my ideas and opinions in my test report about this gin to simply show here what you can expect when you decide to buy this bottle.

The Gin Mare keeps its promises. I have tried different Gin varieties to compare with the Gin Mare but it is not so easy here. The Mediterranean flair which comes in the form of a bottle with the Gin Mare, there is no second time in the gin world.

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The gin comes in a very stylish bottle and is already visually really fun. As soon as you open the bottle, you realize that you have decided on a high-quality premium gin which delivers a unique taste experience.

I have tried Gin Mare with different Tonic Water but I liked the variation Gin Mare + Fever Tree Mediterrian best. Of course I would like to pass this recommendation on to you.

The Gin has a super beautiful floral aroma which harmonizes super with a fruity Tonic Water and can therefore really create a great creation for itself.

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