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Black Forêt Gin

Finally I have another Gin from the Black Forest for a tasting at Ginnatic! I like the Gins from this region very much – the stories and the quality are mostly very good. Therefore I am happy to present the Black Forêt Gin to you today.

The Gin is produced by Black Forêt Drinks GmbH in the Black Forest . The company was founded in the middle of 2014. Special attention is paid with the enterprise to quality and thus also the contents materials of the products. With these products the company not only wants to win the national market but also the international market. Tradition, regionality and quality are probably the 3 characteristics which are to be united in the Black Forêt Drinks GmbH.

At the Black Forêt Gin great botanicals are processed, besides juniper berries bison grass, lavender, elderflowers, Valencia sweet oranges and lemons find a place in the gin. The juice of the gooseberry is also used in this gin. The list of botanicals sounds really exciting. A taste profile is drawn in my head, my inner tension rises!

For a bottle of Black Forêt Gin in the Online Shop 34,99 Euro fällig. But then you get a regional product from the Black Forest with 44% alcohol content. By the way, the bottle holds 700 ml.

How does the Black Forest smell Gin?

Before I open the bottle a few words about the Black Forest’s bottle design. The bottle is in a matt black. In the middle there is an eagle owl which is the trademark of the Black Forest region and the logo of the company. The text on the bottle is in English. The gin is closed with a wood-plastic cap, which I pull out of the bottle with a loud plop. I hold my nose over the neck of the bottle and inhale the gin deeply! I immediately notice a berry note combined with a mild spiciness and the classic juniper and citrus scent. The gin is slightly sweet but not sweet – it is very interesting! I could not discover the oranges directly.

How does the gin from the Black Forest taste?

Let’s come to the tasting of the Black Forêt Dry Gin – so I pour some of the Black Forest into my glass and give it a few more minutes to fully develop its aroma in the air. As always, the test is done without Tonic Water and without ice cubes that could dilute the aroma.

The first sip of the gin flows into my palate. But I don’t let it disappear yet and roll the gin back and forth into my mouth. The Black Forêt Gin looks slightly oily in the mouth but still fresh. Very clearly one notices the grassy aroma of the bison grass which one was not allowed to get to know yet. It gives the gin a green base. In addition, the aroma of juniper, citrus and then the gooseberry which makes the gin appear a bit milder and was responsible for the sweetness in the nose. The juniper comes to the fore again in the finish. The aroma stays long in the palate – after a short time one notices also the floral aroma of the elderflower in combination with the gooseberry.

A fantastic taste experience!

Tasting summary Black Forêt Gin

The Black Forêt Gin is an extraordinary taste experience from the Black Forest. Actually, you can’t say much more about it. A gin that will convince every gin lover through its complexity and the used botanicals – and that for a very fair price.

  • Quality product from the Black Forest
  • Extremely complex Gin
  • for 35 Euro a very fair price

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