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A tribute to Heilbronn

In the year 741 the beautiful city of Heilbronn was mentioned for the first time, the Gin 741, which I now present to you, bears the year as its name as a tribute to the city. Gin is lovingly handmade in collaboration with one of the distilleries with the longest tradition in the Heilbronn region. In addition, the distillate is only produced in small batches, regional ingredients are a must here. Grape blossoms are an important botanical because the Neckar valley is one of the most famous wine-growing areas in Germany.

Other botanicals used to make this gin include rose petals, grapefruit, oranges and a few more.A 500 ml bottle costs about 35 Euro in the in-house online shop. The alcohol content is with 45% by the way somewhat higher, than one is used to it with most Gins. Now I am very curious on the Tasting. My experiences with small distilleries, which only produce small quantities, have always been quite positive in the past. Also the list of botanicals sounds quite interesting, so here we go.

How does the 741 Gin smell?

Well, it doesn’t really start yet, I’d like to say something about the design. On the front is just the name, or the year 741. On the inside of the label on the back is a colored picture, which shows some botanicals. This shimmers through the clear distillate. A cool, modern design. If you don’t like it, you can also have an individual gin bottle design put together on the website, so the gin would be perfect for celebrations such as birthdays or weddings.

But now to the Nosing!

In the nose this German gin makes a very mild, aromatic impression. The gin has a clear juniper aroma, which is very pleasant. Light floral and lemony elements surround the juniper smell. In total the gin is very pleasant in the nose despite its 45% alcohol content.

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How does the Heilbronn Gin taste like?

Tasting at Ginnatic is pure, because this is the best way to unfold the aromas. So I let the first sip run over my lips. As in the nose, the gin is also very mild on the palate and feels pleasantly soft. The juniper aroma is preceded by the floral aroma, where the grape blossoms and rose petals set the tone, but in a gentle way. They do not take the lead in terms of taste. The juniper is also recognizable. In the finish the taste becomes a little more intense and stronger, here a light spice and sharpness shows up, which is probably to be led back to the Botanicals, in the beginning however probably on the somewhat higher alcohol content shows. All in all, this gives the gin an interesting conclusion and rounds off the taste once more. This is an exciting taste turn that this gin brings with it.

Tasting summary gin 741

The 741 Gin is at first rather floral, one recognizes the juniper and quite easily also citrus. In the taste the gin is mild and on the palate the gin feels soft. Only in the finish the taste becomes stronger and slightly spicy. An exciting constellation and a high-quality gin, which can also be tasted on its own and is thus suitable as an aperitif, for example.

  • German Gin from Heilbronn
  • In the beginning rather floral in taste, later slightly spicy
  • 45 % Alcohol content

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