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Review Harahorn Pink Gin

Norwegian Raspberryergine – Harahorn Pink Gin

It is the week with the longest days and the shortest nights – which means that on Friday summer finally officially begins. Also the weather should hopefully finally get better – reason enough to test a fruity, summery gin. I’m always a bit sceptical about colored gins, but Harahorn Gins haven’t disappointed me yet – so an exciting tasting is imminent. You know from my side the Harahorn Gin and the Harahorn Cask Aged Gin.

The distillate with the pink liquid is obtained from raspberries, blueberries, rhubarb, sea grass, marjoram, angelica and of course juniper berries . The gin is bottled at the Net Norske distillery in Grimstad, Norway . One can buy the finished product on-line, 500 ml cost thereby only approximately 22 euro. With an alcohol content of only 38% is this Gin very mild. To buy there is the Gin with Drinkology.

How does the raspberry plant from Norway smell?

The manufacturers of the Harahorn Gins remain true to each other visually – the bottle design is the same as with the other Gins, only the colour of the contents is noticeable.

The first thing I notice after opening it in my nose is that the gin is less sweet than I would have expected from the colour alone. A little sweetness is present, one recognizes the raspberry, however only very fine and unobtrusive, the berry seems thereby totally natural. The scent is refined by juniper and a mildly spicy note. This results from seaweed and angelica. A slightly lemony aroma rounds off the gin. Altogether the gin smells incredibly mild, rather feminine and by the fact that the flavours are rather fine, the gin looks very light.

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How does the Pink Gin?

taste like?

I was positively surprised by the nosing, so I am now very excited about the taste – as always, you know Ginnatic-Tastings, we test without ice and Tonic Water. The aromas simply unfold best at room temperature.

I take the first sip and, as in the nose, the gin is less sweet than you might think. Beginning with the raspberry, the blueberry is also recognizable as . The rhubarb, it seems to me, also ensures that the gin tastes fruity, but not too sweet at the same time. In the finish you can see the fruity freshness in combination with spicy aromas, but I find the pure gin here almost too tart.

Test report Harahorn Pink Gin

The Pink Gin is a light fruity gin from Norway, raspberries are the most important botanical here. Although the gin has a nice pink colour, the distillate is less sweet than expected. In the nose the gin is finely tuned, the mild sweetness is combined with spicy aromas. In the taste this combination is not quite so successful. The Gin is at first pleasantly mild and fruity , but in the finish it is a bit too tart, I miss the transition. Nevertheless it is perfectly suitable for fruity Gin Tonics.

  • Norwegian Gin
  • fruity gin with 38% alcohol content
  • perfect for a Pink Gin Tonic
  • from the Det Norske distillery

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