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A guest from the jungle

Today we would like to introduce another Gin from Peru . We have already introduced you some weeks ago the Gin’ca Gin , so we are now even more happy that we can test again a gin from Peru since the predecessor surprised us very positively.

The Amazonian Gin uses South American Botanicals. You can find Camu-Camu, Brazil nuts, Sacha Inchi and the Inca peanuts and Physalis. Junipers and citrus fruits from the Amazon region are also found there. With this gin, the neutral alcohol is obtained from sugar cane. The list of botanicals seems to be very exciting. Many of the ingredients I have not yet been able to test in a gin as a botanical.

The design of the bottle of Amazonian Gin is harmonious. On the front you find a frog with different botanicals from the Amazon area. The bottle itself looks very heavy and strong. In the middle you can find more information about the manufacturer “Peruvian Fine Spirits”. Amazonian Gin Company Rare Amazonian Distilled Gin. Whole 700 ml holds the bottle and has a alcohol content of 41%. On the back you can also find the information that almonds and Brazil nuts are contained. So who has here an allergy should do without the gin.

For a bottle of des South American Gins around the 38 euros are due, this is a Distilled Gin.

How does the Amazonian gin smell?

Since I have already said a lot about the design of the bottle I would like to come straight to the actual Nosing. The Amazonian Gin is closed with a brown cork which looks organic at first contact but is also plastic after a closer inspection. I pull the bottle to me and inhale the gin deeply. What I would like to mention right at the beginning is the smell of the neutral alcohol which is made from sugar cane, which you notice immediately in the nose, here you notice very nicely a Cachaca similar aroma which you know from Caipirinha and Co. As a further note one notices the citrus fruits and a very difficult to define sweetness – also a nutty note can be perceived in the background.

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The Amazonian Distilled Gin is definitely a gin that I have never tested before, already in the nose you notice that this is not a normal gin.

How does the gin from Peru taste like?

I’m really curious how this gin tastes and I’m happy to finally introduce you to the taste of Amazonian gin, the whole thing happens of course as always, without ice and without tonic water.

I put the gin in my glass for a few minutes and let it “aerate” a little – then I take the first sip and leave the gin in my palate. At the head of the gin you notice the very fruity and fresh citrus aromas that dominate at the beginning. Then comes an aroma that I didn’t expect – it tastes like our garden cress – green and hot – but then the aroma turns into a nutty aroma that somehow develops from the garden cress . I would like to mention here again that there is no garden cress contained – but the aroma is ultra similar. The experience is framed in the typical but very discreet juniper aroma. The nutty and green aroma remains in the palate for a long time and makes you want a second sip.

Tasting summary Amazonian Gin

The Amazonian Gin is no ordinary Distilled Gin. The gin from South America shines with an extraordinary aroma. Especially the aroma very similar to garden cress convinces me. It’s so different but still suits this gin that he gets a recommendation to buy from me if you don’t want to drink a classic London Dry Gin or Dry Gin.

  • Gin from Peru
  • Extremely complex and versatile Gin
  • Botanicals from South America
  • neutral alcohol from sugar cane

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