Review Winters Brandschätze Windstärke 12

Inspipred by the Sea

It’s not even been a month since we introduced you to the MeerGin of Winter’s Fires . To start a new, very hot week, a week that makes you want to go to sea, we would like to introduce you to a new gin from this house. The wind force 12 Gin is a classic Premium London Dry Gin with a alcohol content of 45%. Some of the 12 botanicals used overlap with the sea gin. However, this distillate is not rounded off with algae, but with spruce needles and black tea. The idea of a lake with spruce forests directly behind a beach should be clarified.

For 500 ml of the gin in the online shop 35€ are due. Optically the bottles are all the same. The wind force 12 differs from the MeerGin however clearly by its color, as it belongs for a classical London Dry Gin this is colorless.

How does the wind force smell 12 Gin?

Pulling and smelling corks is the motto now! The name of the gin is program. The juniper stands in the foreground in a pleasantly mild way. At the same time the gin in the nose is somewhat more bitter and spicy, the seaweed unfolds already in the smell very pleasantly and also slightly peppery nuances are recognizable. The gin combines different spicy and tangy aromas, but at the same time is created by citrus and spruce needles a balance , by the distillate in the nose very complex and finely coordinated.

How does the distillate taste?

Despite the rising temperatures, as always, pure testing is carried out. The taste immediately shows that the juniper is in the foreground here as well, but the complexity of the gin is much clearer on the palate. Beside the juniper one recognizes at first slightly sweet and resinous notes, which lie at spruce, schnapps pear and rape blossoms . In contrast, there is a pleasant spice and a slight hint of lemon. In the finish, the schnapps pear is not only recognizable by its fruitiness, but also by its typical pear taste. Finally, a spicy and slightly herbaceous taste remains. The combination of maritime and woody is daring and unusual – but this is exactly what makes the gin and leads to an exciting, successful taste experience.

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Tasting Summary Winter Fire Treasures Wind Force 12

The wind force 12 Gin from Winters Brandschätze combines maritime and wooded botanicals, including seaweed and spruce needles. Rounded off by sweet and lemony nuances, this creates a very exciting taste game. The idea of a lake with woods directly behind the beach was distilled and bottled.

  • 12 Botanicals from the forest and the lake
  • German Gin with an alcohol content of 45%
  • Grannt by Martin Winter
  • Premium London Dry Gin with seaweed, black tea and pine needles

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