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Australian Gin at Ginnatic – Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

Admittedly, Australia is not necessarily known for gin, but there are Australian gins. I would like to introduce one of them to you at the beginning of a new week.

European immigrants brought viticulture to Australia centuries ago. Recently, a distillery began experimenting with gin and wine. The result was Bloody Shiraz Gin, which is stored in wine barrels. Today I test the Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin. This forms the basis for the Bloody Shiraz, but comes without wine influence.

For the gin I use juniper, whole oranges, lemon myrtle and different spices. The bottle holds 700 mL and costs about 35 Euro at Conalco.

How does the Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin smell?

The Four Pillars bottle has a slightly rounded shape, the design is very simple. The label goes once around the wrong one and is held in a matt black. The text on it is in a shimmering rose gold.

In the nose the Gin is fruity and lemony with a pleasant juniper tone. The smell of is underlined by a pleasant spicy note. The gin is very aromatic and pleasantly round. None of the aromas mentioned stands out or overlaps the others. The gin is complex and finely balanced.

How does the Four Pillars Gin taste?

Tasting time! As always I start with the traces tasting, without ice and tonic water, I enjoy the gin at room temperature. On the palate the gin is pleasantly sweet and warming at first. One recognizes juniper and cinnamon. Also citrus is present in a nicely pronounced form, as well as different spices. The pepper gives the gin a pleasant spiciness.

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The gin feels warm and spicy, in the finish the aroma becomes a bit more bitter and spicy, the sweet nuances disappear here. The Gin works qualitatively high-quality and tastefully finely tuned. The light sweetness in combination with the citrus makes the gin stand out, but in terms of taste it is rather classic and not very unusual.

Summary Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

The Four Pillars Gin is slightly sweet and lemony in taste. Juniper and various spices are recognizable. All in all, the individual ingredients are wonderfully coordinated. The gin is of high quality, but less extraordinary, which is why the pure gin is okay, but not particularly exciting.

  • Australian Gin
  • round 42% Alcohol content
  • Warming and spicy Gin
  • London Dry Gin

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