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Distilled in the sky and bottled on earth?

It is Monday evening, the start into a new week is done. We hope, of course, that the week will bring the best for everyone and much depends on the power of thought, at least that’s the basic idea of the gin I’m testing today. It’s called Tears Dry Gin and the manufacturers declare that it consists of the tears of God. The distillate is made by shooting onions into the sky and catching God’s tears afterwards – sounds a bit crazy, but at least optically the bottle is a real highlight on the shelf, but more about that later.

The distillery which produces the gin is located in South Germany, in Utzmemmingen, on the homepage of the producer you only learn that it is a small distillery. From the Tears Dry Gin only 1000 bottles were filled by hand, sealed and labelled . The 12 botanicals used were air-dried, including cocoa leaves, lemon balm, turmeric and blackberry leaves, and of course juniper. 500 ml of the 42% spirits are available online for 39 Euro.Here it goes to the homepage of Tears Dry Gin.

How does the Tears Dry Gin smell?

As already mentioned at the beginning, the bottle is a visual highlight. On the front the most important data are embossed as well as the triangular symbol of the company. On the back there is an eye in the sky, which cries. The painting is in covered purple tones and shimmers through the distillate – a real eye-catcher.

I turn the silver screw cap and put a sip into a glass. The Tears Dry Gin has a very intense aroma in the nose, which is very complex and broad at the same time. The head of the gin is fruity and a little sweetish, characterized by a light cocoa note. At the same time one recognizes here a pleasant ginger sharpness . In the background you can see the lemon balm.

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How does the gin taste with God’s tears?

Let’s come to tasting, classic, without ice and Tonic Water. At first the gin feels lively and fresh on the palate. In the nose, the lemon balm was only recognizable at the end, on the palate, it can be recognized much faster. The citrus aroma gives the gin the aforementioned nuances. This is followed by a very light, fruity sweetness, which is also accompanied by ginger spiciness. You can clearly taste, however, that the pure spiciness of the ginger and the distillate does not radiate any spiciness. In the finish the gin is spicy and warming, also the slightly sweet aromas come to bear again. All in all, the gin in taste is as complex as it was in the nose , and it plays with different, very contrasting aromas. The Tears Dry Gin is in our eyes not a classic Dry Gin but rather a New Western Dry Gin.

Summary Tears Dry Gin

The Tears Dry Gin is an exciting, very complex gin. In terms of taste, the lemon balm, slightly fruity, sweet nuances and a pleasant ginger spiciness are particularly noticeable. The aromas play together excellently, a gin that can be drunk wonderfully pure.

  • very complex composition of different flavors
  • 12 air-dried botanicals
  • German Dry Gin
  • Small Batches with 1000 bottles each

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