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This Friday we would like to introduce you to den Morris Dry Gin . The Morris Gin comes from Switzerland, is produced by Wild Alps GmbH and is a classic London Dry Gin. What always interests me at the beginning of a tasting is the whole story about the gin. How did gin get its name? What inspired the makers? Is there more to it than just a gin? In Morris Gin, the English architect and artist William Morris played an important role. That’s how the same Swiss gin got its very pleasant sounding name Morris Gin.

Between 1880 and 1888, many small and large hunting mansions were built around the Bregenzerwald in Switzerland. William Morris also worked here again. The architectonic influences of these villas come from William Morris and so the circle closes.

But before we come to the Morris Dry Gin Tasting I would like to lose some things about the bottle and the design. As you can see on the photo of the bottle, the label looks a bit blurred, but this is due to the velvet print on the bottle. So this is not a commercial label but a real design highlight that I have never seen before in such a way. The designer of the bottle Theresia Angel-Hämmerle has also received a prize for the velvet print label. Really done great! When you run your fingers over the label it feels super soft. The bottle is closed with a glass cap which fits very well to the generally very noble but minimalistic design.

A total of 10 different botanicals gives the London Dry Gin its aroma. Among them are juniper, coriander, bitter orange and galangal. The other botanicals are not carried outwards. I have already tried galangal with some other London Dry Gins so it was always a very positive experience.

The gin has 47% and is 48 Euro for 700 ml of Small Batch London Dry Gins. The gin is produced, as already mentioned, in Switzerland.

Morris Dry Gin (0.7) Alpine London Dry Gin small batch distilled in THE WILD ALPS DISTILLERY
  • Small Batch, Handcrafted London Dry Gin, Alpine gin
  • Awarded Swiss Gin Award 2017: “Best Gin“, ÖGZ Tasting Österreich 2017: Sieger Gold, Swiss Gin Award 2016: „Most Controversial Top Gin“, International Wine & Spirit Competition London 2015: Silver Award
  • Alpine Botanicals

How does the Morris Dry Gin smell?

Since we have already described design and all the other frame themes around the Morris Gin, finally the Nosing of the Gin.

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I open the bottle and take a deep breath. Many strong but beautiful aromas flow into my nose. No trace of spiciness, despite the 47%, or disturbing aromas that would dampen the pleasure in the nose. A bitter and strong juniper aroma dominates in the nose. To the classic aromas are joined by “green” aromas – also the orange or fruity and fresh citrus aromas play an important role in the nose and together with the juniper give the Morris Gin a nice rounded aroma, which directly makes you want more.

How does Gin from Switzerland taste?

The noble distillate from Switzerland is of course tested pure again and without Tonic Water. I pour some Morris Dry Gin into my glass and let it unfold its aroma in the air for a few minutes. The gin is always drunk pure and at room temperature during tastings.

I take the first sip and leave the gin in my mouth for a few seconds. On the palate the gin feels slightly oily and slightly stronger than I would have expected through the nose. Especially the mix of the different botanicals that are unknown dominate the palate. At the top one notices the decent aroma of galangal and orange, the galangal gives the Morris Gin that certain something.

In the mouth, the grounded and powerful aromas remain and also the bitter note of the bitter orange which are nicely fused with the typical juniper aroma speak for themselves.

The Morris Dry Gin is a typical London Dry Gin but especially the galangal and bitter orange still play an important role in this gin.

Tasting summary Morris Dry Gin

What I like about the Morris Dry Gin is the beautiful galangal aroma which is very good with bitter orange and juniper in the foreground. A tasty gin that also works great as a gin tonic (with a neutral tonic water).

  • London Dry Gin
  • For a Gin Tonic or Pur
  • 47% Alcohol content

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