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The gin bottle that I can test for you today screams two things very loud for me. On the one hand it is a strong summer, stay there! and on the other hand the gin, superficially seen, says Hey, I am a real girl gin. Den Larios 12 Gin a lot of people know it from various supermarkets, on the gin shelf you can almost call it a classic. So the Larios 12 was also one of the first gins I tested on the blog in 2015. The Larios Rosé gets its name, how else could it be, because of its soft pink color. The distillate is produced by distilling juniper, strawberries and citrus fruits 4 times. The final result has a milder 37.5 % alcohol content, the 700 ml bottle costs about 13-15 Euro depending on the dealer and shop.

How does the gin smell?

Optically the bottle is feminine and very playful. Golden ornaments and pink as well as white fonts round off the gin. The bottle stands out in its own way, whether you like it or not, but very clear taste , with these colors I often find more than with others. The bottle is closed with a rather cheap looking screw cap. On top of this closure is even a strawberry printed, a sweet detail . Quickly after unscrewing, strawberry aromas rise into my nose, strawberries, strawberries, and nothing but strawberries. If you smell the gin more precisely, you will notice a sharpness that is not pleasant. The Gin reminds me a little of the strawberry Limes, which my mum always makes from fresh strawberries in summer,

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How does the gin taste?

I don’t need ice cream nor Tonic Water, first of all I would like to eat pure gin. I take the first sip, and the gin is in the first moment really sugar sweet , even sweeter than I expected. Unfortunately, the sweetness covers as well as all other aromas at first. After a few moments you can recognize the strawberries easily, in the finish you can see them more clearly. With the strawberry Limes from my mum you can still recognize the strawberries in the taste! Unfortunately, one notices in the finish also again the sharpness, which was probably covered at the beginning by the sweetness. Lemon is only present as a minimal marginal note, juniper I hardly recognize with this gin.

Tasting summary Larios Rosé

The manufacturer himself recommends the Gin as a summer cocktail or together with a tangy lemonade. In a cocktail I can possibly imagine it, in combination with lemonade one has I believe only a sweet taste explosion. A sharpness is unfortunately present, pure I would not recommend this Gin rather, even if it was better in the nose than expected. Basically, this gin has little to do with a classic gin!

  • mild alcohol content of only 37.5 %
  • strawberry in the nose, sweet in the taste
  • Gin for summer cocktails
  • Spanish Gin

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