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Danish Gin with 15 Botanicals – the Hojer Gin

It’s Thursday the weekend approaches, time for a new gin, this time a London Dry Gin from Denmark. This one comes from the Nordisk Braenderi and is called Hojer Gin. Anders Hojer had the idea for the gin, he was produced by the distillery which is known for processing Nordic fruits, spices and nuances into fine spirits. In addition to gin, aquavit, brandy, rum and others are also produced there. Hojer Gin was only launched in February this year at the Copenhagen Gin Festival, so it is still very fresh on the market.

The bottle itself is very simple, cylindrical with a very simple white label. A coloured highlight is the purple border, otherwise the bottle is less eye-catching at first. In the production 15 different botanicals are used, among the most important are paradise grains, black currant, juniper and other unknown ingredients. The finished London Dry Gin has a alcohol content of 42%, .

How does Hojer Gin smell?

Let’s get to Nosing. The plastic cap can be pulled quickly with a plop and I can sniff the neck of the bottle. The aroma is stamped by a berry-fruity note. At the beginning you can also recognize a slight alcohol aroma, which is quickly smoky. This is underscored by light nuances of juniper, and easy to recognize pepper and a hint of citrus . The gin looks rather feminine and fruity light.

How does Hojer Gin taste like?

In the nose the gin was rather less complex, next I test the distillate only, pure and at room temperature. In terms of taste one first recognizes a fruity note , unfortunately a very bitter, spicy note is also noticeable . The gin has a slight spiciness, which is sometimes due to the pepper. For me, the spiciness unfortunately hides the fruity nuance a little. In the finish one recognizes a fruity peppery aroma. Altogether the Gin ok is however only very conditionally harmonieren the flavours with each other, I would not recommend it however necessarily purely, for fruity spritzige Gin Cocktails however quite a good solution.

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Tasting summary Hojer Gin

This gin is fruity on the palate, but at the same time it has a peppery spiciness, unfortunately the spiciness dominates and whitewashes the other aromas. The gin is not very complex and not very surprising in taste, but acceptable for gin cocktails.

  • Danish Gin with 15 Botanicals
  • London Dry Gin
  • Tasteful fruity with peppery notes<
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