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Funky Pump London Dry Gin

The name Funky Pump is admittedly a very unusual name for a gin. I really had to smile the first time I read about this gin. How can you call a gin just Funky Pump, I thought and grinned relatively stupidly into my PC.

The Funky Pump Gin is made in Austria, more precisely by Mario Huber. Altogether 15 different Botanicals are processed in the Gin. Juniper, cranberries, orange peels, coriander, lemon peel, lavender, rose hip, angelica root, violet roots, calamus, rosemary, cardamom, balm, peppermint and chamomile.

But what you have to say about the bottle of the Funky Pump Gin and you can’t overlook that, the very, very, very horny design. The bottle is kept in a dark blue / green tone with a white and golden inscription. But the real highlight is the cap of the 500 ml gin bottle. Here it concerns a closure from high-quality high-grade steel, beautifully heavy and haptisch really great. This screw cap (which could also be on a pump) makes the still quite simple bottle a real highlight! A grandiose design idea that I have never seen before on the gin market.

For the great 500 ml bottle London Dry Gins with 45% alcohol you pay about 40 Euro. Alone the bottle is in the product so elaborate

Funky Pump London Dry Gin (1 x 0.5 l)
  • Farbe- Klar.
  • Nase- Würzige Wacholderbeeren, Zitronen, Blüten, Kräuter.
  • Geschmack- Weich, leicht süß, Noten der Botanicals.
  • Abgang- Lang anhaltend.

How does the Funky Pump Gin smell?

Since I already anticipated the design this time, we now come to the Nosing of the Funky Pump Gin. I turn up the water pipe, sorry gin-bottle slowly. The haptics of the closure is really great!

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Now I take a deep breath to analyze the gin in the nose. The typical aroma of juniper (dominated by the citrus scent) harmonizes with a light floral note supported by rosemary and cardamom. The aroma is the nose is rather inconspicuous, but very well balanced and of high quality. None of the botanicals stands out in the nose.

How does the London Dry Gin taste like?

Let us now come to the taste and the actual tastings of Austrian gin. Of course without Tonic Water and without ice. Before I take the first sip of the Funky Pump Gin – I let a sip breathe briefly in my glass so that the essential oils can spread even better.

Now I take the first sip of the gin. It is extremely aromatic, strong and complex. It is oily on the palate. Especially the fresh and green nuances of the botanicals can be perceived very clearly in the palate at the first moment. Lavender, rose hip and camile remain in the background – these aromas are only perceived by the palate when the gin is already on its way to the stomach. When the Funky Pump Gin has already disappeared from my palate for a few minutes I notice very clearly the juniper in combination with chamomile and mint.

Tasting summary Funky Pump London Dry Gin

The Funky Pump London Dry Gin is a very tasty London Dry Gin which not only can celebrate its rectification of existence in a Gin Tonic, also pure the Gin is a real firework of aromas which are gradually absorbed by the palate.

Who stands on classic London Dry Gins and can do without playful flavors or sweet flavors will definitely find a new friend with the Funky Pump Gin.

  • London Dry Gin from Austria
  • Exceptional bottle design
  • 15 different botanicals

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