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Cherry Gin from Holland

Some months ago I presented you the Dutch Courage Apple Gin, a New Western Style Gin from Holland. Now there is a new product from Zuidam, the Cherry Gin, which I would like to present to you today for the start of the new week. The bottle is from the first batch from 2019, so the gin is really fresh and new on the market.

The bottle is visually striking with a dark pink label, the waxy gel on the front is also a small, special eye-catcher. The gin is based on the Dutch Courage Dry Gin and was refined with cherry juice concentrate. Der alcohol content is only 37.5%, which makes the gin significantly milder than most others. For a 700ml bottle you pay Online-Shop round 28 Euro.

How does the cherry smell Gin?

With a very loud plop I pull the cork out of the bottle, the neck of the bottle is a little wider than you normally know it. Now I start with the first part of the tasting, the nosing. You can see the cherry aromas clearly, but at the same time they are not too sweet, which I personally find very pleasant. Parallel to the cherry aroma you can also recognize a slightly juniper-herbal note.
For me this makes the impression that the herbs catch the sweetness a bit. In the nose, the gin looks rather simple, but reflects exactly what the name of the gin suggests.

How does Cherry Gin?

taste like?

Now I pour myself a sip into a tasting glass. Immediately the deep red colour catches my eye, which reminds me of red wine in the first place, but then rather of cherry juice in relation to the gin. I take a first sip, pure, of course. In the taste the gin is just as little surprising as in the nose. On the palate the sweet, slightly sour cherry aroma dominates, the juniper is only perceptible on the edges. Also in the finish the sweetness remains dominant , underlined by a slight acidity . The gin reminds me rather of a cherry liqueur. The taste of the distillate is really good, I think that the cherry gin could best fit into different gin cocktails.

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Tasting review Dutch Courage Cherry Gin

The Dutch gin, which I was allowed to taste today, is certainly not for lovers of classic gins. In the Dutch Courage Cherry Gin the name says it all, the cherry dominates. In the nose you can still see juniper and some herbs, but on the palate the cherry predominates. Not bad, but e is more reminiscent of cherry liqueur and is probably especially suitable for gin cocktails.

  • New Western Style Gin
  • Gin with cherry juice concentrate
  • From the country of birth of Gin, the Netherlands
  • Mild 37.5% Alcohol content

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