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Review Curzola 1298 Gin Barrel Aged

1 of 500 bottles per year

A few weeks ago I introduced you to the Curzola 1298 Gin. I was quite enthusiastic about the gin as well as the story, but the tasting in front of me raises even higher expectations. I like more and more gins, which mature after the distillation in oak barrels and get a smoky, slightly whisky like taste. (And that, although I’ve never actually been a whisky drinker!)

The barrel of Aged Gin is based on the Curzola 1298 Gin, but will still be for 12 months in wooden barrels, in which port wine was allowed to mature before. The number of Gins is strictly limited, annually only 500 bottles are produced. Each bottle is numbered by hand, the price per bottle is 55 Euro. Included are 500 ml, the most important botanicals are juniper, rose petal, lavender blossom, orange, balm, mint, coriander seed and pepper. Also here the alcohol content is 44%.

How does the barrel of Aged Gin smell?

In contrast to the “normal” Curzola Gin bottle, this one is transparent so that you can see the amber-coloured liquid in it well. The design is otherwise identical. But I don’t want to be bothered with details, because my last tasting was a few days ago. In the nose this gin is much milder than I expected. One recognizes a slightly smoky-spicy aroma. This plays fine together especially with the juniper. Citrus is also recognizable. The smoky aroma keeps the upper hand, but in combination with the other botanicals it gives a very nice, round aroma.

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How does Curzola Gin taste like?

A Gin Tasting after Ginnatic kind means pure tasting, without ice and tonic. The gin is initially mild on the palate. The slightly creamy sweetness is like Curzola Gin, which has not matured in the barrel. The spicy, slightly pungent aroma is quickly replaced by , but the smoky notes make the taste much more intense. Also in the finish the gin is smoky, spicy and aromatic. Various botanicals form a very round, harmonious drinking pattern. I completely agree with the producers and would definitely drink the gin only pure – but I would like to drink it on ice.

Tasting Review Curzola 1298 Gin Barrel Aged

For a barrel matured gin this is very mild and pleasant to drink. The smoky, spicy aroma is in the foreground, but also offers the other botanicals the opportunity to unfold. A round, harmonious gin, which is definitely too good to mix!

  • 12 Botanicals used
  • 12 months matured in wooden barrels, in which port
  • had previously been stored

  • only 500 bottles per year

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