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Spanish Gin distilled in England

After a busy week it’s time to put the work aside and focus on the nice things – in this case a new gin tasting. I would like to introduce Ampersand Gin to you today. This gin consists of 6 Botanicals, which come from sunny Spain. However, the gin is distilled in England. The most important botanicals are juniper and citrus, so the gin is a classic London Dry Gin. The gin has been distilled 4 times. Under the name AMPERSAND stands for “The Power of Mixing”, and also on the back of the bottle stands the note that is perfect for mixed drinks. The price per bottle is below 20 Euro, the alcohol content is 40%.

How does the Ampersand Gin smell?

The Ampersand bottle is long and slightly hourglass shaped. The colour is a matt grey, which makes the bottle look stylish and modern. When I unscrew the silver cap, I immediately notice that in the neck of the bottle is a plastic bar helper. With cubic bottles I often find them very practical, but in my eyes they look rather cheap here.
The smell of the gin remains rather on the lower level. One recognizes juniper and citrus, but also an alcohol aroma, which unfortunately is quite dominant. In addition, there are slight herbal or root notes, but these are not very pronounced. The smell flies very fast and doesn’t seem deep or complex.

How does Ampersand Gin taste like?

In the taste the juniper is to be recognized first of all, the Gin is coined by a very mild, simple sweetness. In the aftertaste, citrus and herbs can be recognized again, perhaps also a slightly grassy tendency. In the aftertaste, unfortunately, the alcohol remains again, but a little less strong than I had suspected. All in all the gin is very simple and the taste is not very unusual. As the bottle already says: A gin that is especially suitable for mixing.

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Tasting summary Ampersand Gin

The Ampersand Gin is very simple and simple in taste, you can recognize juniper and citrus, also slight nuances of herbs. The gin is not complex, a classic London Dry Gin. It is a pity that the alcohol aroma is too strong. Gin is therefore more suitable for Gin Tonics, or also for Gin Cocktails.

  • London Dry Gin
  • Gin from Spain, distilled in England
  • 6 Botanicals used
  • suitable for mixing long drinks and gin cocktails

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