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The patron saint from Berchtesgaden

We start into a new week (to the carnival fans among you, Helau and Alaf, after all it was 11.11. and therefore carnival start!) and have chosen a premium gin from the beautiful Berchtesgaden for this. The Whobertus Premium Dry Gin is fired at an altitude of more than 1200 meters, and that with the oldest juniper burning right in Bavaria, it dates back to 1692. Tradition still demands that the hand-forged bladder be fired with wood. The gin was inspired by the love of nature with all its facets. The distillate was intended to create a drink with which the perfect moment could be experienced. The perfect Whobertus moment consists of Wacholder, Citrus, Lavender, Angelica and Iris roots

The Whobertus Gin is made and bottled by hand, always in small quantities. Altogether this Dry Gin consists of about a dozen botanicals. The alcohol content is 42%, the price is 34,90 €. The Dry Gin can be purchased directly on the homepage of Whobertus. 

The gin is filled into a slightly round pharmacy bottle. The label is in blue tones, both the name and Hubertus the stag, the logo of the company can be seen. The stag is geometric and therefore very modern, an exciting contrast to the traditional manufacturing method. The shades of blue on the bottle, by the way, look very fresh, they remind me directly of a small mountain stream that flows into the valley between stones and woods.

How does Bavarian gin smell?

The cork is pulled and we can smell the gin for the first time. A full, earthy, spicy aroma quickly rises into our noses. First you recognize the used roots as well as juniper. A minimal citrus note is present, but stays very discreet in the background. The gin appears warm and balanced in the nose, a very round, perfectly balanced aroma. 

How does Whobertus Gin taste?

We test without ice and tonic water, they know us. In Nosing the gin was incredibly aromatic and intense, that makes you want more. The first sip is initially very soft and very, very mild. One recognizes a fine juniper note as well as the slight sweetness of lavender. The gin looks warm and soft in the mouth. Its full aroma, however, unfolds only in the finish, here you can see the full spice, the herbs and roots used. Again the gin gives a very warming feeling, which is at the same time very aromatic. As already in the nose citrus swings only slightly in the background. A very round combination and one has directly the picture of a hunting lodge with fireplace in front of one, in which one enjoys the distillate after a long day. Especially for the coming, cold season the Gin is probably really perfect!

Tasting summary Whobertus Premium Dry Gin

A perfectly tuned, warm, round gin, the Whobertus! The gin is initially mild in taste, but in the finish it unfolds its full aroma, which is marked by roots. The aroma is therefore rather earthy, but perfect for pure enjoyment. A great combination, the perfect Whobertus moment!

  • Manufactured according to a firing tradition of 1692
  • German Gin from Berchtesgaden
  • Earthy gin with a hint of citrus
  • 42 % Alcohol content

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