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A big name guest at Ginnatic – Sipsmith

Shortly before the World Cup match Germany vs. South Korea, many football fans are probably nervous! Today it’s all or nothing!!! Reason enough to treat yourself to a nice gin and tonic before the game to calm down. Maybe with a Sipsmith London Dry Gin?

As the name suggests, this gin is a classic London Dry Gin. It is almost negligent that I have been running the gin blog since 2015 and still don’t have a Sipsmith test report on my site – but now it’s finally here – a big name guest on my gin blog and on an important Wednesday for the German football team!

This classic London Dry Gin is indeed an export hit from London. Sipsmith London Dry Gin has been produced in the beautiful Hammersmith district since 2009. Whole 3 heads stand behind the gin. Sam Galsworthy, Fairfax Hall and Jared Brown are the founders of the company.

10 different botanicals are macerated in neutral alcohol. The Sipsmith London Dry Gin is based on juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice root, violet root, almonds, lemon peel, cassia, cinnamon and orange peel.

The bottle of 700 ml London Dry Gin is already available at Amazon for around 33 Euros. During my research I only found lower prices for special offers (special offers in different stores and retail). For this money you get a classic London Dry Gin with an alcohol content of pleasant 41.6%.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin (1 x 0.7 l)
  • In der Nase erkennt man einen typischen Gin, die Gestaltung der Flasche verspricht also nicht zu viel
  • Dominante Wacholder, die sehr klar zu erkennen ist
  • Dazu gesellen sich Zitrusaromen und etwas Koriander. Nimmt man eine weitere Nase erkennt man eine florale Note, die der Komplexität und Eigenheit des Gins gut tut

What does Sipsmith Gin smell like?

I am a little bit excited (no not about football). Sipsmith has become a well known name in the gin scene. I am curious what this gin has to offer. What strikes me very positively is the closure which is sealed with a kind of wax and thus gets a very high quality appearance. This seal also fits perfectly to the overall design of the bottle which is kept in a simple dark green.

When I open the cap, my nose automatically starts to break the gin into its individual parts. Since you know which botanicals are used in Sipsmith London Dry Gin, it is much easier for the nose to identify the aromas. In the nose, one notices the juniper very clearly. The beautiful mild juniper aroma rushes into the nose and then becomes a bit more filigree – with the second deep breath you now also notice the coriander, the angelica root and also citrus fruits (orange and lemon) – but there is also a light and fine hint of cinnamon. (but is rather hidden).

What I like is – that the Sipsmith London Dry Gin is classic and straightforward – a fine London Dry Gin in the nose.

How does the English taste?

In the nose the Sipsmith London Dry Gin has already shown a good show. Can he keep on the palate what he promises in the nose? I pour some of the Sipsmith London Dry Gin in my glass and let it breathe a little. The juniper aroma spreads throughout the large area of the glass and makes you want this gin!

The first sip of the gin seems very earthy and resinous to me – no trace of sweetness or dominant botanical. The very herbal, earthy and resinous aroma has a very masculine effect on me – on the palate the gin is not very playful and the citrus fruits are very passive for a London Dry Gin. I really like the very down-to-earth and tart aroma of the gin! I also find the lemon in this London Dry Gin behind the herbs and root aromas very interesting.

The Sipsmith London Dry Gin shows little finesse but really convinces with its strict line.

Tasting summary Sipsmith London Dry Gin

The Sipsmith London Dry Gin is a delicious London Dry Gin without being too playful. Especially the herbs and roots are in the foreground of this gin and make it a delicious gin for a fresh gin tonic.

  • classic London Dry Gin
  • a well-known player on the international gin market
  • 10 botanicals
  • clear tart notes, little citrus, clear juniper

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