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A London Dry Gin with tea

Christmas is just around the corner, but of course we want to give you some gin during the Christmas season to help you get through the holidays. Between cookies and family celebrations, there should always be a place for a gin or gin and tonic.

Today we would therefore like to introduce you to a more classic gin from Spain. The Sikkim Privee Gin is a London Dry Gin. The design of the bottle is of course based on the typical Sikkim design. These are massive bottles, which have a uniform colour (according to the taste) and are very heavy. The closure is a plastic cap. We have already had the pleasure of tasting some gins from Sikkim. Among them the Sikkim Fraise Gin, Sikkim Greenery Gin and the Sikkim Bilberry Gin and now finally the Sikkim Privee Gin, the most classic Sikkim Gin. The gin is produced and distilled in Spain by the company Sibbaris Privée S.L. The company has now been producing high quality and innovative spirits for more than 20 years. The gin is distilled in a distillery in Copper Pot Still. The botanicals used include juniper, Indian British tea and red tea.

The London Dry Gin from Sikkim has an alcohol content of exactly 40%. In the bottle, which partly even reminds on a perfume flacon, 700 ml of the Spanish distillate fit. For the bottle one has to pay approximately 30 euros.

Sikkim Privée London Dry Gin (1 x 0.7 l)
  • Gin
  • Herkunft: Spanien
  • Hergestellt von der Firma Sibbaris Privée.
  • Der Name steht für die Region Sikkim in Indien.
  • Hergestellt mit Gewürzen, Kräutern, holländischem Wacholder und rotem Tee aus Indien.

What does the Sikkim Privee Gin smell like?

As usual, before the actual tasting comes the Nosing. We always like to break down the gin into its individual components with all sensory means in order to get a really good overall picture of the product. We unscrew the black screw cap from the bottle and inhale the gin deeply. A rather classic London dry gin aroma spreads out clearly, with a floral note, which is complemented by a fresh citrus note. In the nose the gin appears rather tart.

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What does the gin taste like?

Now you of course want to know how the Spaniard tasted to us, right? For the tasting we first pour a nice sip into our tumbler and let the gin breathe for a few minutes in the air. Of course we do not add any tonic water or ice to the gin in order not to spoil the taste. Then we take the first sip of the gin. On the palate citrus with juniper rushes forward and dominates clearly on the palate, followed by a floral and slightly bitter taste which wraps the tongue in a slightly furry robe. The strong bitter aroma of tea is still there when citrus and juniper become lighter. On the palate, a note of juniper and bitter notes remains.

Tasting summary Sikkim Privee Gin

The tea gives the Spaniard a very special note, which goes well with the classic London dry gin. The botanicals and thus the gin recipe are well balanced – however, the bitter substances of the tea are not for people who have a problem with strong bitter notes. But if you like bitter and tart gins, you will have a lot of fun with the Sikkim Privee London Dry Gin.

  • Not quite classic London Dry Gin
  • Gin from Spain
  • Characterized by juniper, citrus and tea
  • Fair price with great design

Eine Flasche des Sikkim Privee Gins

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