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Another Sikkim Gin

Today we would like to introduce another gin from Sikkim. We have already tested the Sikkim Greenery Gin and Sikkim Bilberry Gin for you in the past. So this time we won’t go into further details about the company.

As Botanicals in this Sikkim Gin naturally strawberries and juniper are used. Beside these 2 botanicals which are the focus of the gin you can also find red tea, cranberries, iris root, blossoms and shells of bitter orange and coriander. On many other pages the Sikkim Fraise Gin is declared as Dry Gin, but I personally find that the Gin has little to do with a Dry Gin. Therefore I classify it as New Western Dry Gin.

The design of the Sikkim Fraise Gin bottle stringently continues the design of the Greenery Gin and Bilberry Gin. The bottle of the Fraise Gin is kept in a beautiful soft pink. A whole 700 ml are in the bottle – it is a New Western Dry Gin with 40% alcohol content. The bottle des Sikkim Fraise Gins is 34,90 Euro. Sometimes one finds the Gin also in the offer then the price lies with approximately 30 euro.

Sikkim Fraise Gin (1 x 0.7 l)
  • Gin
  • Herkunft: Spanien
  • Hergestellt von der Firma Sibbaris Privée.
  • Der Name steht für die Region Sikkim in Indien.
  • Hergestellt mit Erdbeeren, holländischem Wacholder und rotem Tee aus Indien.

How does the Sikkim Fraise Gin smell?

We come to the scent of Sikkim Fraise Gin. I open the black screw cap and inhale the gin deeply. Strawberries! The bottle is full of strawberries! The focus of the gin is very clearly these delicious fruits. Juniper is really very weak in the background, in the nose the Strawberry-Gin is mainly sweet and fruity. I am curious if it tastes as sweet as it comes across in the nose.

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How does the Sikkim Fraise Gin taste like?

Of course the Sikkim Fraise Gin is tested only pure. I take the first sip and let the gin flow over my tongue. In the palate it is harsher than the nose first suggests. Now you can also see different botanicals and the strawberry is just the frame of this gin. Coriander, juniper and also the bitter note of orange peels and the tea become beautifully clear and displace the strawberry aroma somewhat! When I let the gin run down my throat there is a light strawberry aroma in combination with the bitter notes in the palate that gets lighter second by second.

Tasting summary Sikkim Fraise Gin

The Sikkim Fraise Gin is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is not such a penetrating sweet gin as I knew it from all the other strawberry gins. Besides the strawberry also the classic gin aroma plays a role here. Therefore my conclusion is – a good gin if you want to turn your back on the classic gin aroma.

  • Gin from Spain
  • Wacholder and Erdberren are in focus
  • 40% Alcohol content
  • none classic Dry Gin

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