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Sikkim Premium Gin Bilberry

It’s been a while since I introduced you to Sikkim Greenery Gin – now I’d like to introduce another product from Sikkim. There are 4 sorts of Sikkim Gin, just mentioned, Sikkim, and Sikkim Privée and Sikkim Bilberry, the latter I test now for you.

As with the Sikkim Greenery Gin, the bottle is quite striking, although the colour is a bit more subtle this time. Basically all bottles look the same, the Bilberry is colored in a light purple. A coloured eye-catcher is the Sikkim Gin thus definitely.

We will come to the facts. This gin is a New Western Dry Gin from Spain, the alcohol content is 40%. The manufacturer reveals relatively many Botanicals, the most important are juniper, red tea, blackberries, blueberries and bitter orange. The distillate can be purchased online to almost 33 Euro.

How does the Sikkim Bilberry Gin smell?

Since I already mentioned the design of the bottle, I actually wanted to go straight to the nosing – but I still have to mention one thing. Not only the bottle is kept in a light violet, also the distillate itself has a light purple colour. I am now curious.

I take a deep breath and smell a very berry aroma. It smells rather sweet and fresh berries. I swivel my glass a little and still the smell remains exactly the same as it is. You can’t recognize junipers or other nuances, this smell reminds me more of a sweet liqueur.

How does the Sikkim Bilberry Gin taste like?

Since many botanicals are listed with this Gin, I am curious whether these come in the taste now better to the Geltung. I try, how could it be otherwise, of course without ice and tonic. The berries, blackberries and blueberries are also very intense on the palate. Almost the same in green (or purple) as in Sikkim Greenery, here the apple was totally in the foreground. Whereby I have to say that the berry aroma is not so exhausted, only in the finish it develops its full taste. Before, the taste is very mild. A bitter note is present, but juniper, like in the nose, cannot be tasted.

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Tasting summary Sikkim Bilberry Gin

The Sikkim Bilberry Gin is not bad, but definitely not a classic Gin. The taste is dominated by bromine- and blueberries, the other botanicals unfortunately have no chance at all. This makes the taste a bit monotonous and not very complex. This gin rather reminds me of a very strong liqueur. In Gin Cocktails the distillate could still be used.

  • Little complex, no classic gin
  • Blackberry and blueberry aromas dominate
  • New Western Dry Gin
  • 40 % Alcohol content

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