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Cold Distilled Oxley London Dry Gin

Today we would like to introduce you to a gin that we found in a duty-free shop in Malaysia – the Oxley Gin or Oxley Dry Gin. We stumbled upon this gin from England by chance and thought that we could try this gin after all.

The Oxley Gin costs 56 Euros per litre in Germany via Amazon, we paid only 34 Euros for the gin in Malaysia and thus made a real bargain. This gin is a classic London Dry Gin from England. The gin is produced by cold distillation in a small batch. In total, 14 different botanicals are used for the production of the London Dry Gin. The base or neutral alcohol is neutral alcohol from grain. Among the botanicals, there is of course juniper and also grapefruit, orange, lime, coriander, liquorice, almonds, iris root, cocoa, vanilla as also nutmeg and some other natural botanicals.

The bottle that we have here for testing is the bottle C09777 and Recipe No. 38. The bottle holds a whole liter and was priced at 34 euros.

Oxley Dry Gin (1 x 1 l)
  • London Dry Gin
  • Herkunft: England
  • Hergestelllt mit Hilfe der seltenen Kälte-Destillation.
  • Produktion in sehr kleinen Chargen.
  • Würzig, frisch, leicht süß und komplex.

What does the Oxley gin smell like?

Before we get to the actual tasting of the gin, we would like to say a few words about the design of the bottle, as usual. The Oxley Gin bottle looks massive but also noble due to the green and the wood-plastic cap. In some versions, the gin is also available with a cup – however, this was not available in our duty-free version. The design is simple but looks high quality.

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Now we come to the first step of the tasting, the Nosing, here we see which nuances and aromas our nose can perceive in the Gin and what we can expect on the palate.  We remove the cap from the bottle and start to analyse the individual aromas. The gin reminds us very much of Tanqueray No. Ten – classically tart and especially the green aromas stand out clearly in the nose. However, the juniper stays in the background and is not very dominant in the nose. For its 47% alcohol content the Oxley London Dry Gin is extremely mild in the nose. We are curious to see how the gin can hold its own on the palate.

What does the Oxley Gin taste like?

The tension rises as to how the Oxley Gin will be cut off in taste. Of course this is also only tasted pure. The first sip of the gin runs into our palate, the aroma slightly sweet, bitter, fresh and classic London Dry Gin. The first impression is very good, as it has a very strong aroma, but still brings some finesse through the sweetness and the bitter freshness. The cocoa is very clearly perceptible, but not as disgustingly sweet as other gins with cocoa that we have been allowed to test in the past. The Oxley Gin is a classic, slightly playful London Dry Gin, which is the ideal base for cocktails and a well balanced gin tonic.

Tasting summary Oxley Gin

On many pages and shops you can read that Oxley Cold Distilled London Dry Gin is a real all-round gin, we can definitely confirm this after our test. However, we find the price that it normally costs in Germany a little too high in view of an all-rounder.

  • Classic London Dry Gin
  • Cold distilled process
  • 14 different botanicals
  • Gin from England

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