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Nordes Gin – Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin

We hope you all survived Christmas well and now you have had enough of cookies, mulled wine or maybe also mulled gin? We are glad that these greedy times are over and that mankind can now go back to their normal hobbies and everyday life is back.

That is reason enough that we want to introduce you to Nordes Gin today. The full name of the gin is Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin. This gin is a Spanish New Western Dry Gin. Although juniper has been processed as an important botanical in gin, it is not as prominent as in the more classic gin varieties.

The design of the bottle is no longer unknown. When you see the very concise wise bottle with the world map, as a gin fan you immediately know “Ah there is a bottle of Nordes Gin”. The branding has worked brilliantly for this brand. A total of 14 different botanicals were used for this gin. In addition to juniper, there is eucalyptus, hibiscus, tea, lemon peel, verbena, liquorice and the salt marsh plant salicornia. The list of botanicals clearly shows that the classic gin taste could be overshadowed by one or the other botanical.

A bottle of the Nordes Gin costs approximately 26 euros. For this you get a New Western Dry Gin from Spain with 700 ml bottle content and 40% alcohol content.

How does the Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin smell?

But before we get to the Nordes Gin, of course we want to have a closer look at the gin under the nose. Of course, as always with our Ginnatic Gin Tastings, before the normal tasting comes the Nosing. After all, the nose is drinking with you.

We open the bottle carefully and put it under our noses and breathe in deeply. We let every nuance and every botanical have a short effect on us. One notices here very clearly that it is a New Western Gin. The smell of eucalyptus and citrus fruits is particularly distinct, surrounded by a sweet combination of juniper and wine. An interesting combination that we never had before. Can the white wine grape Alvarinho (which serves as the basis here) harmonize with the rather fresh botanicals? We are curious to see how the gin performs in the tasting. In the nose it appears modern and fresh, but leaves questions unanswered if it can taste.

How does the gin taste?

Of course the Nordes Gin is also served without tonic water and ice. We don’t want to distort the aromas of the gin and give every gin on Ginnatic the same chance. We pour the gin into the glass and give it a few minutes to develop its aroma.

We take the first sip and let the Nordes Gin take effect in our mouth for a few moments. The juniper aroma of the gin is in the background. The first impression of the gin is clearly marked by other botanicals like citrus and eucalyptus. They almost give the gin a cold and cool impression.  Also a sweetness now joins the rather untypical fresh aromas. We don’t really know if we like it after the first sip. It is unusual.

The whole game happens from a framework of different botanicals, which are partly of classical nature but also of creative nature. The bitter notes of juniper and tea are clearly noticeable in the finish.

Tasting summary Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin

The Nordes Gin is a gin that will not make fans as all gin drinkers and testers. The aroma is relatively unique and not suitable for everyone. Nevertheless the Nordes Gin is a Gin that convinces with good quality – but maybe a bit too much eucalyptus.

  • Spanish New Western Dry Gin
  • 40% alcohol content
  • striking bottle design
  • Eucalyptus is in the foreground

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