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Misty Isle Gin – from the island of inner hybrids

Just off the west coast of the Scottish mainland in the Atlantic Ocean lies the Isle of Skye. It is the largest island of inner hybrids. Why are we telling you this? Of course, because the gin we serve to you The gin is produced at Isle of Skye Distillers, on the homepage it quickly becomes clear that real handicraft is the focus here and that you love to concentrate on small, high-quality margins. If you continue to browse the site, you will notice various awards, such as the Scottish Gin Award and the silver and bronze World Gin Award. These awards naturally raise the bar, but experience shows that such gins rarely disappoint. 4 different types of gin come from the distillery, the Misty Isle Gin is the first to be tested. We have a 700ml bottle, this costs £36.00, the equivalent of about 39.90 Euro. The gin can be bought in the online shop of Intra Wine and Spirits.

The most important botanicals are besides juniper coriander, angelica and lemon, so it sounds like a good, classic London dry gin, but these are only 4 of 11 botanicals used. By the way, the alcohol content is 41.5%, thus very typical for most gins. We like the bottle shape. Basically, it is very classic, but at the upper edge it runs slightly spirally. A small highlight, which we do not have in the gin rack yet.

What does the Misty Isle Gin smell like?

A wood-plastic cork closes the gin, but we are at least as experienced in opening the gin as in testing it. After all, it’s not the first time we’ve done it. In the nose we quickly encounter a fine juniper aroma, which almost has a slightly sweet and flowery touch. Pepper is added subliminally in the nose and forms a slightly sharp contrast. The cinnamon is clearly visible, it overlays or dominates the aromas, but in no way is it the only thing that completes the overall picture very harmoniously. All in all the gin in the nose is somehow classic through juniper, citrus and pepper – but somehow not, which is due to the flowery and cinnamon aroma. The Gin is complex in the Nosing but very, very pleasant.

What does Scottish gin taste like?

We first test the room temperature gin pure, without ice, without tonic water. First we recognize the sweet, cinnamon aroma, which was already present in the nose, together with the juniper. Both the cinnamon and the pepper also reveal a spicy component. In the finish the pepper is a bit more intense, but also citrus is still slightly used here. The gin is round and complex, but could be a bit too sweet for some because of the cinnamon. We like the interplay of the different aromas and the quality is really high quality.

Tasting summary Misty Isle Gin

The Scottish gin Misty Isle is basically a classic London dry gin that stands out from the crowd with cinnamon, spices and slightly floral nuances. The gin is complex in taste, but at the same time very finely tuned, very pleasant and definitely also to be enjoyed pure.

  • Scottish gin with 41.5% alcohol content
  • 11 Botanicals used
  • Premium Scottish Gin
  • Classic gin with a slightly cinnamon aroma


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