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Review Malfy Gin Con Arancia

Malfy Gin from Italy – this time with a lot of orange

Today we would like to introduce another gin from Malfy. Meanwhile we have already been able to test some of these great gins from Italy and were actually always very pleased, because the Malfy Gin always had a very nice fruit note, which was very intense and long-lasting in the palate. Besides the Malfy Gin Con Arancia we also tested the Malfy Gin Originale, Mafly Gin con Limone, and the Malfy Gin Rosa. Especially the Malfy Gin Rosa was a real taste highlight.

As already mentioned, Malfy now belongs to the heavyweight of spirits, Pernod Ricard. In addition to Malfy, top gin varieties such as Monkey 47 oand also Plymouth Gin also belong to the company’s portfolio. Gin is therefore written in capital letters here. But before we get lost in unnecessary details again, we want to give you an impression of Malfy Gin Con Arancia. The gin contains only 7 different botanicals, juniper, lemons, grapefruit peels, angelica roots, iris roots and Sicilian blood oranges.

The bottle is again Malfy typically very solid and strong. It looks masculine and massive. The bottle is very heavy and closed with a wooden and plastic cap. Since design is somehow Mediterranean and yet not too light. On the front of the bottle one finds the logo as well as the info that it here around a 41% Gin from Italy concerns. The bottle of the Malfy Gins Con Arancia seizes 700 ml and costs about 28 euro.

What does Malfy Gin Con Arancia smell like?

But before we come to the actual tasting of the gin we would like to dissect the good piece from Italy with our nose. As we slowly open the bottle and the cap jumps out of the bottle with a loud “plopp”, the whole area around the neck of the bottle smells like orange. The orange aroma almost jumps out of the bottle and spreads its fruity aroma. It almost reminds us of an orange limo so clearly this aroma can be felt in the nose. On closer analysis of the gin, one also notices the classic juniper aroma, which is definitely in the background of the orange and the other citrus fruits.

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How does Malfy Gin taste like?

Finally we come to the tasting of the Malfy Gins Con Arancia! We are curious what the gin, which smells so intensely like orange, can taste. Of course the Italian is tasted only pure without tonic water and ice. We take the first sip and the orange aroma is also confirmed on the palate. It dominates, stands at the front and envelops the tongue in a tasty orange aroma that is long lasting and powerful. Only after a few moments you notice that the gin also has other botanicals that also play an important role. Juniper, iris roots and angelica roots form a base that works in the background and plays an important role. Im However, the orange stands in the foreground of the super delicious gin. The aroma remains in the palate for a long time and only slowly disappears.

tasting summary Malfy Gin Con Arancia

In summary, we have to say that Malfy has brought a great product onto the market. In the palate you notice a clear bitter note and the beautiful citrus fruits that primarily come to the fore and then also the really strong and dominant orange aroma that sets the tone. A great summergin who could collect points for his strong citrus aroma with us.

  • Gin from Italy
  • Price Performance very good
  • Orange is clearly in the foreground
  • 7 different botanicals

A bottle of Malfy Con Arancia

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