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An Australian Gin under test

A new week has started, a new week with many new Gins at Ginnatic. Today we would like to introduce a Gin from Australia. To be exact the Giniversity Botanical Gin, which is produced by Margaret River Distilling Co..

Botanicals such as eucalyptus, lemon, boronia or coral rue and sandalwood are processed in Giniversity Gin. So far we have never had a gin produced and distilled with coral rue. We are curious how this botanical influences the gin. The Margaret River Distilling Co. is not only known for gin, but also for a very fine single malt whiskey. Since year 2004, the company has now been producing high-quality and tasty spirits. (so it is mentioned on the homepage)

The bottle of Giniversity Botanical Gin holds 500 ml. We bought the Gin in Malaysia for 24 Euro. For that you get a classic Australia Dry Gin with “handpicked Botanicals”. Of course we also checked if this Australian Gin is also available online in Germany. Unfortunately we didn’t find an online shop offering this gin. In the Onlineshop of the Margaret River Disitilling Co. the gin by the way costs 59 $ AUD.

We noticed the Gin by its very green held color. Some seals are also on the gin which apparently should underline the quality again. Admittedly, we don’t attach so much importance to the seals of a gin, otherwise the Aldi Gin in the UK would be the best gin in the world or?

How does the Gin smell?

As always with our Gin reviews we want to see how Australia Gin smells in the first step. For this we try to analyse the individual botanicals as well as the overall impression of the gin.

But before we open the gin we would like to say a few words about the bottle. The bottle is in the classic gin bottle design. However the green shimmering pressure stands out positively. On the front one sees the name of the Gin as well as some seals and prices. On the back there are some words about the botanicals and the actual idea of the gin.

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The bottle is closed with a wooden plastic cap, as we pull it out a very fresh aroma flows out of the bottle. The eucalyptus can be felt very clearly and dominates already from a distance – the other botanicals can only be noticed when slowly approaching the neck of the bottle. The gin has a very intense aroma, which is fresh and slightly spicy. The aroma is framed by a woody scent and the classic juniper notes.

How does the Giniversity Gin taste like?

Now we come to the actual tasting of the Giniversity Botanical Gins. Of course as you would expect from Ginnatic without tonic water and ice, just pure!

We pour some of the Australian gin into our glass and let the gin breathe. Then we take the first sip and start analyzing. In the first moment the gin looks oily on the tongue – but then quickly starts to become much stronger. Eucalyptus and citrus play an important role in the beginning – but then the aroma very quickly turns into a very dominant and strong wood or sandalwood aroma and even becomes slightly hot. The juniper surrounds these aromas. A long-lasting eucalyptus aroma remains on the palate.

Tasting summary Giniversity Gin

Admittedly we had hoped for more from Giniversity Gin from Australia in the beginning. The gin started with a certain complexity, but quickly turned into a sharpness that we didn’t really like. Eucalyptus is too dominant for our taste.

  • classical dry gin from Australia
  • Eucalyptus is very dominant
  • relatively stronger and sharp Gin
  • not available in Germany


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