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A gin from the USA – Corsair Gin

I hope you all had a pleasant week and a good start into the weekend. On Friday I once again had the time to taste a nice gin. Besides all the gin varieties and brands from Germany, Italy, Spain, France and other European countries I had the opportunity to taste a gin from the USA yesterday. So far I can’t offer the Corsair Gin – but with this article and test report about these American Gins I would like to give you an insight into the top Gin brands from the USA.

This gin is produced in the state of Tennessee in the USA. Actually you know this region from different whiskey producers – but no also the Corsair Gin comes from this region. The gin is distilled by the Corsair distillery of the same name from Tennessee. Of course I am very curious what the Corsair Gin can do – I have never tested so many Gins from the USA before. However, some gins like the farmer gin already convinced me of the American art of gin making.

The Corsair Gin is produced with only a few botanicals and distilled in a small batch process. Each bottle of Corsair Gin really still contains a piece of American handicraft.

What impresses me is that the bottle contains 750 mL gin. You know the 500 ml, the 700 ml – but 750 ml is another gin tonic extra!

The bottle is already available for 37 Euro for the 750 ml bottle – which is really a very fair price. The most favorable is the Gin in Online-Shop the liquor counter.

How does the Corsair Gin smell?

Corsair Gin gets its mild and very full-bodied aroma from very few botanicals. On the list of botanicals are lemongrass, citrus and juniper. These botanicals are also very clearly perceived in the nosing of the gin. The bottle is closed with a plastic cork cap which fits perfectly to the overall impression of the bottle.

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If you open the bottle you notice the juniper and the citrus aroma very clearly. You literally want to inhale it with your nose because it already smells full-bodied and fruity like a classic Dry Gin .

The juniper dominates very clearly in the nose and is then complemented or underlined by the citrus aroma. The whole thing takes place very fruity in the nose. The very dense aroma in the nose makes it clearly distinguishable from other gin varieties with a clear citrus-juniper dominance.

How does the Gin taste like?

After the Nosing of the Corsair Gins follows of course the Tasting. As always, I tasted this gin pure to avoid falsifying the aroma with a Tonic Water.

in the mouth you notice the juniper very clearly – it dominates also in the taste and not only in the nose and has a super aroma. At the beginning the freshness of the citrus fruits on the tongue is more beautiful, which then changes to a slight bitter note at the end of the tongue.

A nice dry gin aroma for a gin tonic.

Tasting Summary Corsair Gin

The Corsair Gin can convince by an unusual size but also with a full-fruity aroma. Fine aroma well balanced make the Corsair Gin with its 750 ml and 44% to a tasty and cheap Dry Gin.

  • Dry gin
  • manufactured in Tennessee USA

  • fruity juniper and citrus flavor
  • very cheap because 750 ml are contained in the bottle
  • very good gin for a classic gin tonic

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