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Ginnatic – Germany’s biggest Gin Blog

Are you looking for the right gin for you? Then Ginnatic is the right place for you! More than 500 Gin Tastings and more than 1.700 Gin varieties you will find in our database

Ginnatic was founded in 2015 and has since grown into one of the largest contact points for gin consulting and gin tastings in the whole of Germany. Andrea Gammel and Maximilian Mende regularly test new and well known gins on Ginnatic to make it easier for interested parties and readers to find the right gin for them!

Of course, taste always has to be evaluated very individually. We test the gins to the best of our knowledge and belief and try to sum up the taste in words. Sometimes a gin has a very clear taste profile, sometimes it is very difficult to put the experienced into words. Therefore we ask for your indulgence if our tastings do not cover your experience. You are welcome to leave us a comment at any time and we will discuss the impressions together.

No matter if it is a Bathub Gin, Compund Gin, Cream Gin, Distilled Gin, Dry Gin, Genever, Gin de Mahon, London Dry Gin, New Western Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin, Plymouth Gin, Reserve Gin, Sloe Gin or Vilnius Dry Gin, we test all varieties!

No matter if you drink gin pure or gin tonic with a fine tonic water on our gin blog you will find it!

Besides all important information about gin and gin tonic, we also offer great recipes for cooking with gin or delicious gin cocktails. Sometimes we also try our luck to get an interview directly from the manufacturer, sometimes it even works!

We wish you lots of fun reading and drinking gin!

Andrea & Max