Let’s celebrate World Gin Day together!

The 2nd Saturday in June is – and the true gin lovers among you know what that means – it’s the world gin day. In our blog you hopefully found some inspirations which gins are on your table. But Gin is more than just a wonderful spirit, Gin is also the basis for wonderful Gin Cocktails.

The 10 Most Popular and Best Gin Cocktails

In preparation for World Gin Day, Max and I have therefore put together the best gin cocktail recipes for you. Of course, we tested the cocktails for you in advance. We have linked the exact recipes how the cocktails are made.

Gin Tonic

Admittedly, the #1 in our ranking is not a classic gin cocktail, but you just can’t celebrate World Gin Day without a classic gin tonic! At the perfect mixing ratio the spirits divide. For us the mixture of ¼ Gin and ¾ Tonic Water is optimal. First you put ice, then gin and only at the end the tonic into the glass – depending on the gin you can refine it with botanicals.

More information about Gin Tonic!

Gin Mule Gin Cocktail

Gin Mule is a very refreshing Gin Cocktail, because it should be very warm on Saturday so perfect. Use for this Gin, mint, lime juice, sugar syrup and Ginger Ale. With a classic London Dry Gin, the gin won’t be too sweet and pleasant to drink.

More information about Gin Mule!

Gin Summer Cup Gin Cocktail

Gin Summer Cup, in Original Fruit Cup, is a gin cocktail from England, traditionally made with Pimm’s No. 1. The taste of this cocktail is slightly bitter, herbaceous and spicy. Gin, cucumbers, mint, oranges and ginger ale or sprite are needed to mix the cocktail.

More information about the Gin Summer Cup!

Pink Lady Gin Cocktail

Flavorful and pink, with citrus and grenadine, the Pink Lady is above all a gin cocktail for the ladies. More ingredients are needed, but the finished cocktail not only looks stylish, but also tastes good. You need: Gin, lemon juice, grenadine syrup, egg white, icing sugar, Maraschino cherries and ice cubes. Some even add a dash of cream to the Pink Lady.

More information about the Pink Lady Gin Cocktail!

Gin Tonic Coffee

Anyone who consumes a little more alcohol than usual on a day like World Gin Day must eat something in between. The Gin Tonic Coffee is well suited to stimulate digestion and is therefore perfect after a meal. It is easy to make using gin, tonic water and cold brewed coffee. By the way, for very warm days you can freeze yourself for this Gin Cocktail coffee in ice cube form – so the drink does not dilute.

More information about Gin Tonic Coffee!

Cucumber Frog Gin Cocktail

Basil is a popular ingredient for gin and therefore also a component of many gin cocktails. Many gins are suitable for this cocktail, which also contains cucumbers, but especially Hendrick’s Gin, which carries even a cucumber aroma. Let’s get to the list of ingredients, and yes, at first glance it seems a bit strange: Gin, lime juice, cucumber, wasabi paste and basil syrup. Especially the wasabi unsettles many, but try it, it tastes good!

More information about Cucumber Frog Gin!

Sweet Gin Purple Gin Cocktail

The Sweet Gin Purple is characterized by a very fruity note and only little alcohol, after all you should never enjoy alcohol headless. For this drink Dry Gin is used and mixed with various juices, in our case with pineapple and banana juice, in addition to Grenadine syrup, Blue Curacao syrup and fruit to decorate.

More information about the Gin Sweet Purple!

Dry Martini

Martini – the classic among the Gin drinks and as stylish as it is simple and delicious. For a classic Dry Marini you only need Gin, Vermouth, of course an olive and as decoration a lemon zest. The characteristic Martini glass should not be missing in the best case.

More information about the Dry Martini!

Gin & Juice

Gin & Juice is actually not a Gin Cocktail, but, similar to the Gin Tonic a Longdrink . G&T is well known and popular, but also the mixture with juice tastes great and is a change. Probably gin has been drunk with juice for a long time, the mixture is very simple. The drink became known in this way only through a song by Snoop Dogg. Gin & Juice is also called Orange Blossom.

More information about Gin & Juice!

Gin Basil Smash Gin Cocktail

Our last gin cocktail recommendation is the Gin Basil Smash, a spicy gin cocktail with a fascinating, rich green color. In the Gin, which was invented at that time in 2 cities at the same time contains Gin, basil leaves, lemon juice and sugar syrup.

More information about Gin Basil Smash!

Enjoy 8 June with delicious gins, gin tonics, gin cocktails – and above all with your friends. Cheers!

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