Gum Tonic Gin Cocktail

You want to spice up your gin and tonic a bit? Do you want to vary the ingredients a little? Then try the so-called Gum Tonic! For this cocktail there is a recipe suggestion and endless possibilities for change. What could be nicer than reinventing gin from glass to glass?
The recipe for the classic gin tonic is known worldwide and has been tried millions of times: A gin of your choice is mixed with tonic water, plus a dash of lemon or a small load of aromatic herbs. Gum Tonic is also based on Gin and Tonic Water.

Recipe Gum Tonic:

  • 3cl Gin
  • 10cl Tonic Water
  • 4cl lemon juice
  • 3cl Jamaica Rum
  • Crushed Ice

Jamaica rum gives you a free choice. Numerous varieties are suitable for cocktails. Old Pascas, Appleton Estate or Myers, for example, are very tasty. The special feature of Jamaica rum is its exceptionally strong and spicy taste.

Preparation Gum Tonic:

Gin, rum and lemon juice are mixed together with some ice cubes and then strained into a long drink glass. Then the whole thing is filled with tonic water. The amount can vary depending on the size of the glass and personal taste. If you don’t want to enjoy the drink so much, take a little more Tonic Water. The cocktail is garnished with a fine slice of lemon.
Instead of lemon juice you can also use orange or lime juice. A mix of the three fruits also fits perfectly into the Gum Tonic.

Which Gin fits the Gum Tonic?

You are absolutely free to choose the gin. Since the addition of fruit juices produces a wonderful freshness, lighter and stronger gins are suitable. The Gin Sul or the Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin, for example, are characterized by a fine citrus note. Together with the strong Jamaica rum and the fruity-sour juice, these gins are very suitable. If you like herbal flavours, you can use a Gin Mare or a Saffron Gin. Gins based on pepper or juniper also fit well into your gum tonic.

Origin of the gum tonic

Perhaps the term „gum tonic“ seems familiar to one or the other without having already tried the drink. The US series „Scrubs“ has virtually brought this cocktail into being. The janitor has the mix in a bottle and makes an interesting assumption: This combination doesn’t get drunk. He offers the Gum Tonic J.D. and Ted. The mixture of gin, rum and tonic is just a breakfast liqueur, which you can drink as much as you want. Ted tries the cocktail and falls on the floor a little later when getting up. „Yep, these are GUM legs“, so the reaction of the caretaker.

The Gum Tonic is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends, where everyone can find out his individual fruit note. What could be nicer than trying different mixtures? The Gum Tonic definitely has what it takes to displace its big brother Gin Tonic from the drinks menu for an evening!

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