Countronic – a bitter gin cocktail!

Fancy the taste of bitter-sweet orange? The Cointreau is known worldwide for its unique taste. Can this fruit be combined with the aromatic gin? Can you, and how! The Cointronic is the perfect summer drink at any party !

The high-quality Cointreau is an integral part of the liqueur shelf. Since 1875, the orange drink already exists. The Cointreau belongs to the class of Triple Sec. This means that it is obtained by triple distillation in copper stills, also called „alambics“. With its 40% alcohol content, it is a very strong representative of its genus. Due to its intense, fruity orange aroma, it is an ideal cast for cocktails.

Ingredients Cointronic:

  • 4cl gin
  • 1cl Cointreau
  • 20cl Tonic Water

Due to the high alcohol content and the intense aroma of the orange 1cl of the liqueur is sufficient for the perfect Cointronic .

Cointreau Orangenlikör mit 40% vol. (1 x 0,7l) | Der perfekte Likör für Cocktails aus 100%...
  • Hergestellt nach langer Tradition – Die geheime Original-Rezeptur des Cointreau ist seit 1849 unverändert
  • Für die Herstellung des fruchtigen Orangenlikörs aus Frankreich werden 100% natürliche Zutaten verwendet

Which gin suits the country?

If you like it very fruity, you can use a Dry Gin. With a fine citrus note, it fits perfectly with the orange flavor of the Cointreau. The Bulldog London Dry Gin is also doing well in the Cointronic. Soft, unobtrusive gin leaves the orange in the cocktail .

For the biggest orange fan among you, there’s still the possibility to mix your Cointronic with a delicious Michler Gin. The Englishman has a fine orange note and is thus perfectly to Cointreau. Fresh, fruity, bitter and with a hint of juniper and coriander, he is not only sweet, but also aromatic. Granted, your cocktail It has a lot of orange, but it can not be fruity and sweet enough for the summer.

Preparation of the Cointronic

There is a small peculiarity in the preparation of the cocktail. First, the gin and the matching tonic water are mixed. Only then will follow the Cointreau. Mixing all three ingredients together creates a slightly milky veil on the surface. Then Crushed Ice is added to the glass. The cocktail is garnished with a fine slice of lime.

Ginnatic London Dry Gin
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